Captial University of Physical Education & Sports is one of Beijing's premier Martial Arts Training Universities providing top-ranking conditions for international and domestic students. The university is supported by Hanban and Confucius Institute offering Chinese Language Learning Programs, Martial Arts University Programs, TCM, Sports & Health Care Programs.

Facilities: Olympic athletic training grounds, football grounds, olympic gymnastics training facilities, olympic swimming pool, Judo and Taekwondo training and competition facilities. Gymnasium, Sanda rings, indoor training halls.  


Capital University Of Physical Education & Sports (CUPES) is conveniently located in the Haidian University Area. With excellent transportation links and next to Zhongguancun Science And Technology Park and the Jimeyanshu Scenic area to the east. It was founded in 1956 to cater to Sports Science Studies and is linked to a number of other international universities from all over the world.

The University offers the following programs; 4 Year Undergraduate Programs, 3 Year Master Programs, 3 Year Ph.D Programs, 1-2 Year Non-degree Programs and Short-term Programs.

The Universities Featured Programs are:

1. Chinese Language Programs
The University employs a special team for teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. This team is specializes in training international students who want to learn Chinese Culture and speak the Chinese Language. Class sizes are smaller than other universities and attention and help given to students is higher than at other Universities.  Thjs helps to ensure that students acquaire the language competences sufficent for their speciality studies in China. Small classes of differnt levels are provided as well as one-to-one teaching to meet students needs.

2. Martial Arts Programs
According to the period of study students can expect to study martial arts from martial arts champions who are experienced in both teaching and competitions for performance and also sport.

3. TCM Sports Health Care Programs
The instructor for this program is Ru Kai an assistant professor of Sports Rehabilitiation Department of Schools of Sports Science and Health. He is also the successor and master of Xisui Neigong, Baduanjin and Yijinjing.

Course profile

  • China, Beijing
  • Martial Arts, Healing Arts, Culture
  • Chuojiao Fanzimen, Taichi Quan, Sanda
  • TCM, Acupunture, Tui'na, Qigong
  • Feng Shui
  • Good Service
  • $150 USD
  • 5 out of 5
  • 13 year+
  • Girl + Boyes
  • Lunch, dinner
  • Evening Break Fast

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University Facilities Review
Submitted on 03/05/2015 by David Kelly | Yes, I would recommend this experience
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The facilities at this University are extremely good. Out of all the sports universities in China, Capital University of Physical Education and Sports has some of the very best. This is primarily due to its location to many of the Olympic facilities.
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Capital University Of Physical Education And Sport was founded in 1956 as the sole university focusing on sports science in Beijing accepting international students with Chinese government scholarships. At present there are 5,000 students studying at the university high spec campus. The University has olympic standard research and training facilities and in 2008 hosted the 5 Olympics/ Paralympic Events. These events were as follows: football, gymnastics, water polo, judo and taekwondo.

The Campus & Accommodation is therefore as you would expect well maintained and serviced, offering students both short and long term a number of on campus facilities as well as accommodation options. On campus International Student Appartments all have internet access, air conditioning, a telephone, TV, desk, closet and a private bathroom. Single and double rooms are provided with communal kitchen, laundary facilities and an activity room. These rooms are cleaned everyday. An alternative to this accommodation will be outside the campus however students must register this accommodation at the local police station.

Meal Services are provided inside the campas and cater to all tastes and needs including Islamic traditions.

The Courses offered at (CUPES) are all be offered to general learners and advanced learners. However, degree and master course students must have reached either HSK level 3, 5 or 6 depending on the course they choose.

Chinese Language Learning at this University benefits from being staffed by teachers that are specialised in helping international students succed quickly. This along with the small class sizes make the university one of the best choices for Chinese Language Learning in Beijing. In addition to this the University organises a variety of sports and cultural activities for international students. These include visits in and around historic Beijing, cultural experiences, ethnic dance shows, cooking classes and much more.

Sports and University Clubs are another benefit for active international students as all the univerisites top facilities from the stadiums to the gymnasiums are open to international students. Students are also encouraged and welcome to join the universities many sports teams, clubs, and martial arts performance teams.

StudyMartialArts.Org (SMA) in association with Captial University of Physical Education and Sports has further enhanced the experiences of international students who attend the university by helping students through the application process. We help potential applicates and make sure application process runs smoothly. In addition we also to provide further cultural and martial arts experiecnes outwith the university that will enhance their over all experience of China. Our aim is to help international participants of the university settle into life in Beijing easily while also helping them to make the very most out of their experience. 


A dedicated team of educational professionals at the university has been assigned to deal with international student education. This team of sports, language learning, martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine and qigong practicionares help to ensure that course participants succeed at the university. This team is both specialized and also very approachable and willing to help.


International students can apply for two kinds of scholarships. Either a Chinese Government Scholarship, the other a Beijing Government Scholarship.

1. Chinese Government Scholarship
Applicants must apply for the scholarship through dispatching authorities, institutions or the Chinese diplomatic missions between January and April every year. For further information on applying contact us.

2. Beijing Government Scholarship
Both new students and students at school are eligible to apply. New students need to send CUPES admission application forms together with Application Form for Beijing Government Scholarship and other documents prescribed on the forms to CUPES before the end of February each year. For further information on applying contact us.  

1. Chinese Language Program 

A special agency for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language is set up in School of International Education in CUPES. It provides specialized training for international students who want to learn Chinese culture and speak Chinese language as well as for those preparing for their bachelor's master's or doctor's degree. All the teachers at CUPES are qualified for teaching Chinese to international students and have bountiful teaching experience. There are multimedia classrooms especially for Chinese language teaching. To ensure that every student has the opportunity to practice so that in a short period of time they can acquire the language competence sufficient for their speciality studies in China. CUPES's specialist language unit provides international students with small classes of different levels as well as one to one teaching to meet the studnets needs.

Courses include Chinese Character, Intensive Reading, Spoken Chinese, Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, Writing and Overview of China and the like, with the goal of training and improving students ability of using Chinese language. Elementary classes, intermediate classes and advanced classes with 15 students max for each are set up.  Student will need to take a Chinese language test for placement of the class. In addition, many activities are organised for international students, such as visiting places of interest and participating in competitions. The course completion certificate of CUPES will be granded to those who have finished study and got qualified grades.

Class time: 9:20am-12:00am (4 classes, 35 mins for each)
One to one teaching time subject to change.

2. Martial Arts Program 

According to the period of study, General Visiting Program, Short-term Refresher Training Program, Any Time Training Program and Vocation Group Visiting Program are set up for international students to learn more about Chinese martial arts as well as to master martial arts techniques. Most of martial arts teachers are championship winners in Chinese senior martial arts competitions and are experienced in both teaching and competition performance. Teaching activities lay emphasis on basic skills practice from the simple to the complex.

Courses contain Chinese Wrestling, Weapon Exercises, Taichi, Sanda and Martial Arts Comprehensive Theory, etc. At the end of the study, CUPES will issue certificates to students and grade the students martial arts levels.

Class time: 1:30pm- 4:00pm (4 classes, 35 mins for each)
One to one teaching time subject to change.

3. TCM Sports Health Care Program 

The instructor of this program is Ru Kai, an assistant professor of Sports Rahabilitation Department of School of Sports Science and Health at CUPES. He is a Master of Xisui Neigong, Baduanjin and Yijing jing. The course combines Chinese Qigong Theory and modern knowledge with the practice of sports science (internal Qigong training, TCM health care of sports-related injuries, recovery of exercise-induced fatigue, TCM massage and acupunture for exercise), this program introduces the classical and traditional method of sports health care. Learners are guided through relaxation techniques, spirit lifting practices, practices that relieve common afflictions, sports health care and Chinese health culture.

The main cources are as follows:
1. "Yinjinjing" and health care with tendons and meridians;
2. "Baduanjin" and TCM Daoyin for life and health cultivation;
3. TCM massage and acupuncture for exercise;
4. "Wuqinxi" and health care for TCM internal organs, etc. 



I. Degree Programs 

1. Undergraduate Programs (4 yrs)

The applicant should be between 18-40 yrs of age, a non-Chinese citizen with a valid passport and also a senior high school greaduate or with equivalent schooling. They should also be in good health and have a HSK certificate (level 4 or above) or with equivalent level. Application materials should be sent to the school before the 15th of June. There are 9 undergraduate majors available as follows:

1. Martial Arts and Chinese Traditional Sports
2. Sports Coaching
3. Art Performance
4. Leisure Sports
5. Guidence and Management of Social Sports
6. Physical Education
7. Human Kinesiology
8. Public Administration
9. Journalism

2. Masters Program (3 yrs)

HSK Level 5 or above is required.
1. Sports Humanities and Sociology
2. Human Kinesiology
3. PE and Sports Coaching
4. Chinese Traditional Sports
5. Applied Psychology

3. Ph.D Program (3 yrs)

HSK Level 5 or above is required.
International students can apply for Training of Adolescent Sports Performance as their Ph.D. profession.

Note: If applicants for a bachelor's degree, a master's degree or a doctor's degree don't have the prerequisite Chinese Language level, they can study Chinese language for one year as a preppy in CUPES. Those qualified applicants after one year of study can be admitted as undergraduates or graduates Chinese Government Scholarship students and Exchange students need to follow the guidlines prescribed in the relevant regulations or agreement.


II. Non-degree Programs 

1. Long-term Program (1-2 yrs)

1. General Visiting Student

The applicant for 1 or 2 years study of Chinese Language, martial arts or sports should be a non-Chinese citizen with a valid passport and have at least one year of undergraduate study or with equivalent schooling in the age bracket of 18-45. They should be in good health and register before March 1st or September 1st. 

2. Senior Visiting Student 

The applicant should be under 50 have a masters degree or an assistant professor's title.

Both should provide a health certificate from a designated Chinese hospital. 

2. Short-term Program

1. Short term refresher training

The applicant for less than 1 year of study of Chinese languages and martial arts or sport should register before March 1st or September 1st

2. Any Time Training

The applicant can study of Chinese languages and martial arts or sport. An individual can join a class of his corresponding level or choose one to one teaching. Groups of applicants can make up a class and have lessons according to their needs. 

3. Vacation Group Visiting

The applicants can study of Chinese languages and martial arts or sports as well as visit places of interest in Beijing. 10 applicants or more can form a class for one months learning. Registration should be done before May 30th for summer vacation program and before December 30th for winter vacation program. Applicants 60 or over should submit a Heath Certificate from a designated local hospital.

Standard for Charge (CNY/yuan)

1. Standard Registration & Tuition Fees


Registration Fee

Less than 4 weeks - ¥150

4+ weeks - ¥330 

Degree Students Tuition Fee 

Undergraduate Fee - ¥22,000 per year

Masters Fee - ¥28,000 per year

Non-degree Students (Chinese Language, Martial Arts, Sports, TCM Sports Health Care, HSK tutoring etc)

1 Week Fee - ¥1,200/ 20 Lessons

2 Weeks Fee - ¥1,600/ 40 Lessons

3 Weeks Fee - ¥2,200/ 60 Lessons

4 Weeks Fee - ¥2,800/ 80 Lessons

More than 5 Weeks - ¥2,800+500x(length of stay in weeks - 4)

One Term Fee - ¥8,800

One Academic Year - ¥17,000

One to one teaching (same cources as above) 

Tuition per lesson - ¥75

2. Living Conditions and Equipments

Internet Fee for one month is ¥10. Chinese text books, martial arts clothes and equipment are at students own expense. 

3. Accommodation Fees: International students apartments 


¥120/per day per person

Shared Double-room

¥60/per day per person

Private Appartment

The rent for a room in an apartment with simple facilities and appliances costs from ¥2,000+ yuan per month.

Featured Program Schedule

1. Chinese Language Program 

Class time: 9:20am-12:00am (4 classes, 35 mins for each)One to one teaching time subject to change.

2. Martial Arts Program

Class time: 9:20am-12:00am (4 classes, 35 mins for each)

One to one teaching time subject to change.

3. TCM Sports Health Care Program

Class time: To be arranged


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