Kombat Group BJJ Camp is an Thai based martial arts and fitness camp specialising in combat training and weight loss programmes. This 3 month combat fight camp focuses on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and grappling at its core along with open mat sessions to get you competition ready. The camp although focussing on BJJ can be combined with other fighting arts such as Muay Thai, Boxing or Krava Maga as well as their in house weight loss programme. 

The camp is all-inclusive and run by the current WBA Asia boxing champion, ABF boxing champion and 6 times Muay Thai world champion Christian Daghio. The gym is located on the outskirts of sunny Pattaya just 90 minutes from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport. 

This specially built gym has been designed so you can spend an amazing holiday in Thailand learning martial arts whilst getting fit and healthy. Trainers at the camp are committed to push you to become the best version of yourself. It doesn't matter what age or shape you are – everybody's goal is just as important.


Kombat Group's BJJ Training Camp includes one hour of BJJ per day from Monday to Saturday as well as an evening grappling class also Monday to Saturday. In addition to this 2/3 times per week you will have access to the camps open mat sessions. In this way those who attend the camp have a good balance of training and free time so they can hit the gym relax and recover or take part in self organised practice sessions. The camp offers both a budget fighter option and a more comfortable solution with accommodation in side the camp resort. The fighter option is not in the holiday resort, accommodation is in the camps dormitory. With this option you don't get access to the resorts swimming pool but it does include 3 thai meals per day in their Thai restaurant. The more comfortable solution inside the resort has the same amount of training but with high quality private accommodation a/c, swimming pool and 3 meals a day in the camps western restaurant inside the resort.

The great thing about this camp is its flexibility, food quality, and location. In terms of training you can easily add extra classes in either fitness, martial arts or take part in their weight loss programme. See the Schedule Tab below for further details.


The Camp Philosophy

At this camp you when not training you can enjoy time in the sun, or up-grade your accommodation in order to take advantage of their private swimming pool surrounded by lush palm trees. One of the best things about this camp is that you will be spending time with people around the world who share the same goals and mind-set as you. 

Constantly updating and improving their services, training and gym the management are aiming to create one of the best training camp in the world. As a family run business they are happy to provide the support participants attending this course need in order to make the most of their journey whether you want to become a better fighter, lose weight or recharge your body, mind and spirit.

BJJ & Grappling

Open Mat Sessions

Open mat sessions are held regularly and should be attended if participants wish to improve quickly and rapidly. 

Gym Access & facilities

Gym access and facilities are available to all participants on the intensive BJJ course. These facilities include all you'll need to get into peak physical condition. 

event profile

  • Thailand, Pattaya
  • Martial Arts
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Grappling
  • 3-5
  • 18 years
  • 3 Month Intensive
  • Can be combined with a Weight loss programme, Western boxing and Muay Thai.
  • 1 hr BJJ (Mon-Sat), 1 hr Grappling class, (Mon-Sat), 2/3 Open mat sessions per week, 3 meals, dormitory accommodation and wifi is included in the price.
  • No minimum group size.
  • YES
  • Travel, supplements and insurance.

Important Reminder

Please ensure you book through StudyMartialArts.Org to get the full benefits of this training programme.

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Great place to train by Rodney
Submitted on 06/14/2017 by David Kelly | Yes, I would recommend this experience
9 / 10
Overall Rating

I was looking for a place to train purely for fitness and weightloss (it also caters for a variety of other areas Muay Thai etc). Kombat group was my go to place as it also incorporated Muay Thai into the classes. Wow if your looking for a place to get out of your comfort zone and push your limits this is the place. Its rustic no aircon has all thats required and has awesome trainers to help you achieve whatever it is you are looking for. You wont be disappointed here i went about 2 or so years ago and it was an unbelievable experience. Has a great kitchen/restaurant which serves great food and juices. Just a great place to train it has friendly staff and worth the price you pay.
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Website Rating

Effective training program in a charming and relaxing camp away from distractions by Eva
Submitted on 06/14/2017 by David Kelly | Yes, I would recommend this experience
10 / 10
Overall Rating

When I think of some of my best vacations, my two-week stint at Kombat Group springs to my mind. It's a great and effective training program in a charming well equipped facility which attracts a lot of interesting and inspiring people. Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect.

“THE TRAINING PROGRAM IS WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD…” I had the idea to have a more active holiday. When my two sisters decided to join me to Thailand, I was a little apprehensive. We weren't sure what to expect. We were somewhat fit and one of my sisters, due to medical reasons, hadn’t exercised for two months prior to our trip. I wondered whether we would be able to keep up with 6-8 hours of training daily and with the other more professional fighters around. Now that we're back, I realize all that concern was pointless.

The trainers are very quick to gauge your level of fitness and they alter the exercises accordingly. The training is intense and rewarding. I began to see how my technique, stamina and overall fitness was greatly improving in a matter of days. The fact that you are training with world champions, fighters, amateurs and complete newbies - is very inspiring. We never felt like there was a division between the more experienced fighters and the rest of us. Quite often, whenever we were taking a break, I would watch the more professional boxers train. It was my first time to see that level of skill and I drank it all in.

Christiano, Joel and Wud, were our favourite instructors. Encouraging, challenging, approachable and humorous, they gave it their all. Training in an open air gym was challenging ( because of the humidity) and charming (I loved the feeling of working out against the backdrop of a thunderstorm).

The variety of martial arts on site is impressive. We did functional training, muay thai, western boxing, yoga and krav maga. The latter two were surprising interesting addition to our regime. I had never done Krav Maga before and the instructor has a very engaging way of teaching. He really makes you feel like you’re going to be attacked. Yoga in the evenings with Barbara (and Blinky the cat) was a relaxing way of cooling down and getting a good stretch. All in all, the training program is worth its weight in gold. It really works. Now that I'm back home, my trainer has told me he has seen a significant improvement in my technique and fitness level. In my first week back, I felt like I was bouncing off the walls. I was working out twice a day and still felt like I had more energy to keep going. It was a tremendous feeling & for that alone, I recommend it to nearly everyone I meet.


Management: We were greeted by the wonderful twinkle-eyed Barbara on arrival. Her cheerfulness was something I came to look forward to and then look up to. She's very efficient and is currently studying more about yoga and eastern tradition. She adds a spiritual depth to the experience - which was very uplifting. There also two compelling reasons (in the form of two beautiful black cats) to keep visiting her office. In fact, all the staff on the camp are friendly and approachable. What's more, I found the process of booking to be very easy and straightforward. Toy answered all my emails promptly and payment through PayPal was very convenient. The shop on the premises has good quality wraps, gloves and shirts - which you can buy or rent. I bought a pair of gloves to take home with me and now wear it with pride.

Ambience: When I was booking the retreat, I expected the place to be clean and basic. It was so much more. The landscaping of the entire camp is so quaint and charming. Leafy greens artfully creep over the trellises arching over the manicured lawns. The camp is home to a few quiet little spots with benches and ponds glittering with gold fish. Christian lives at the camp with wife and daughter - meaning, you see little children running around and playing tag. Nala and Simba, the two pit bulls perpetually stationed in the kitchen, are always up for a game of tug or a belly rub. The two outdoor cats, Inky and Blinky - slink about with the premises ready to joins in for a yoga class. All in all, the camp is endearingly charming – a far stretch from the testosterone-fueled ambience one would expect from a boxing gym.

Facilities: The rooms are spacious, well airconditioned, cleaned, well equipped and cleaned on a regular basis. The three of us stayed in a deluxe room and found it to be spacious and comfortable. The wi-fi reception was exceptional - I was genuinely impressed by it. The verandas in front of each room was a welcomed spot to dry out our wraps and gloves or just cool down before we entered our rooms. While you won't find any bugs in your room, it is Thailand: so it is helpful to burn a coil at night to keep away the bugs. It might be a good idea to bring a fly-swatter with you, if a few sneak into the room. The dinners were impressive – huge juicy steaks with all the trimmings. We always opted for the breakfast vanilla protein shake, which hit the spot after a 3 hour morning workout on an empty stomach. I was surprised to learn how little food you really need to sustain a particularly active life. When we asked for our food to be made with a little more spices (for our Indian palettes) - they obliged and catered to our needs. We frequently used the washing machine on the camp which was very convenient and cheap to keep the (many) clothes we used during our stay. The massage parlor was excellent - it is a 15 minute walk - which isn't too far. However, after training, it seemed to be a rather draining walk - so we went there only twice during our stay. Renting a scooter would've been a good idea in this regard. Additionally, Kombat Group organizes regular trips into the city for different tourist attractions including muay thai matches - although we didn't opt for any of the excursions, as we were happy to stay on camp.


All in all, we highly recommend visiting Kombat Group. You meet a lot of interesting people at the camp and it is a great way to disconnect from the distractions of city life and focus on your own wellness. As three women, we found the area very safe and accessible. It was a great way to spend quality time with your family and because there are so many types of training available, you can go there with your partner even if the two of you have different requirements and interests. While the majority of trainers and students are men, we never felt out of place or not welcomed. Honestly, if I could have I would have extended my stay beyond my initial two weeks. I could easily see my self staying there for two more weeks or even two more months.
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  • All training supervised by experienced and dedicated instructors
  • Training sessions follow a structured schedule
  • Participants are constantly pushed to reach their full potential
  • Training takes place twice a day - morning and afternoon
  • Morning sessions - Specific exercises according to your chosen BJJ goal (Gi/No Gi)
  • Afternoon sessions - 2/3 times a week open mat
  • Evening sessions - Grappling exercises for combat and competition 


  • Additional training in MMA, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Boxing or Yoga can be arranged 
  • As can participants for an extra fee take instructor courses 
  • And Functional fitness courses


  • Individual plan can be constructed on request
  • These include multifunction training technics, healthy nutrition, and recovery
  • The programme aims to be educational, fun and engaging
  • Results typically take 10-14 days
  • Workouts are combined with martial arts training of your choice 

To learn more about the optional extra training packages contact us in advance


Dates of RetreatEvent OptionPrice (land only)Trip StatusBook Now 
1st of any monthBJJ+Grappling+Open Mat (Shared Dorm)62,000 (BAHT)AliveBook Now
1st of any monthBJJ Only (Private Resort Accommodation)156,500 (BAHT)AliveBook Now
1st of any monthBJJ+Grappling+Open Mat (Private Accommodation)188,000 (BAHT)
AliveBook Now


The obvious choices are sunbathing, water sports, diving, boat trips and island hopping. But there's a whole world to explore beyond the beach. It's cheap to get a taxi in Thailand – or you could rent a scooter to take you to places.

free time Kombat Group Swimming Pool


What is better than enjoying our swimming pool? Free access day and night, just 3 or 4 steps from your room! The best way to recharge body, mind and soul!

free time jomtien sauna


Sauna, Hammock, Swimming pool, Thai restaurant and lots more! Only 7 km from Kombat Group! 


free time alangkarn theatre


Enjoy the traditional Thai cultural shows in this beautiful location! Only 7 km from Kombat Group!

free time underwater world


Discover all the beauty of Thailand's fish and marine creatures! Only 7 km from Kombat Group!

free time mimosa


The City of Love... and the best ladyboy show in town! Only 7 km from Kombat Group!


max muay thai stadium


See real Muay Thai fights in the most exciting venue in Pattaya! Only 10 km from Kombat Group!

  pattaya floating market


A range of traditional activities, Thai cultural shows and lots of handicrafts and gifts are available here. A great day out! Only 10 km from Kombat Group! 

pattaya view point


Do you want to see Pattaya in all its glory? Well then, you need to visit this scenic viewpoint! Only 10 km from Kombat Group!

wat phra yai buddha hill


At this temple you can see a huge image of Buddha (300 foot) and many other smaller statues in different style. Only 13 km from Kombat Group!


koh larn island pattaya


A  little bit of paradise just off the coast of Pattaya! Enjoy the sun and the sea on this beautiful island! Only 14 km from Kombat Group! (plus 20 minutes on the boat)

tiffany show


Rated as the World's Number 4 transvestite cabaret show! Only 14 km from Kombat Group!

cartoon network amazone


Fun for all the family, especially for the big kids, is to be had at the Cartoon Network themed waterpark. Only 14km from Kombat Group!



Do you love shopping? Here are the places for you! Only 14 km from Kombat Group!

pattaya boxing world stadium


If you're interested in seeing some great local fights then be sure to visit this Muay Thai stadium! Only 15 km from Kombat Group!

splashdown waterpark


Splashdown is a new adult adventure waterpark, with 8 great attractions starting with the tallest inflatable waterslide in the world and the big red balls - wipeout style! Only 15 km from Kombat Group!

mini siam pattaya thailand


Here you can admire all the beauty of Thailand in only one place! Only 16 km from Kombat Group!

art in paradise pattaya thailand


In this modern interactive museum you can take lots of hilarious photos and relive the fun on your return home memories! Only 16 km from Kombat Group!

nong nooch tropical garden pattaya thailand


This is a 500 acre botanical garden with many attraction inside: elephant riding, Thai cultural and regionalized dancing show and lots more to see and do! Only 17 km from Kombat Group!

sanctuary of truth pattaya thailand


The sanctuary is a hand crafted teak building filled with carvings depicting many traditional Buddhist and Hindu motifs. Only 18 km from Kombat Group!

khao chi chan


Here you can see a huge imagine of Buddha sculpted into the side of the mountain: it measures an incredible 109x70 meters! Only 18 km from Kombat Group!

sai keaw beach


A beautiful stretch of white sand with overhanging trees. Restaurants and facilities are dotted along its lenght. Only 20 km from Kombat Group!



Good wine, good music and company come together in beautiful sculptured gardens and a relaxed atmosphere. Only 20 km from Kombat Group.


flight gibbon


Feel the adrenaline on 3 kms of ziplines woven throughout the Thai jungle! 50 km from Kombat Group!

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