Kung Fu Zen Garden Retreat is an internationally renowned organisation specialising in Traditional Kung Fu and Zen Practice for Westerners. Discover what Chinese culture has to offer, and how traditional Kung Fu can help with self-healing, internal and external balance, and stress release. Join this “Kung Fu & Zen Retreat" on the foothills of Yan Mountain in Chang Ping District, Beijing and learn not only martial arts but traditional meditation techniques, calligraphy and traditional Chinese Medicine. 


The location of the retreat is surrounded by beautiful mountain views and tranquil orchards. Many famous and highly respected media personalities, film stars, artists, musicians choose to live around this area for its beautiful scenery and cultural influence.


When you attend this retreat you will be able to learn a number of traditional martial arts styles. These styles include: Shaolin Kung Fu, Wudang Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Baguazhang, Xing Yi Quan, Chang Jia Quan and San Huang Pao Chui. 

Whether you are looking for a long retreat to soothe your soul, or simply a few days to get away from the stress of working 9-to-5 schedules, you will be able to unwind and find your inner Zen. In combination with the martial arts you will also experience, Chinese philosophy, meditation, internal cultivation (include Qigong) and calligraphy. All instruction is provided by experienced kung fu masters of both martial arts, calligraphy and zen mediation. 

The Kung Fu Zen Retreat Centre is located in a quadruple courtyard building with traditional Chinese décor, providing a tranquil and peaceful environment to enrich body and mind. The retreat team include China tours expert Naomi Lee the founder of the retreat, Master Xing Xi the main Shaolin expert, Master Zhang Wei Feng the retreats Wudang Kung Fu Specialist and Master Paul Wang the retreats Zen meditation and calligraphy Master. 


Naomi Lee is the founder of the concept of “Kung Fu Zen” she is the manager and retreat organiser at Kung Fu Zen Garden retreat. Naomi is fluent in both Chinese and English and has assisted Kung Fu masters to communicate with overseas practitioners since 1998. Naomi is a passionate Kung Fu enthusiast and an expert on travel in China. She has been involved with inbound tourism in China for over 15 years and so has a lot of experience aiding foreign visitors in travel around China, communication and trip planning. Naomi has been researching and practising Kung Fu for many years with Kung Fu masters and enjoys experiencing the true nature of traditional Chinese Kung Fu. She also practices Zen in her daily life and meditates regularly. Her expertise in Kung Fu philosophy means she has a deep understanding of the balance, harmony and nature of Kung Fu and Zen. With this understanding, she recognised the importance to bring together traditional Chinese Kung Fu with Zen and dedicated her life to fuse both these elements of traditional China together.

Xingxi was born in 1980 in Hubei Province. At the age of 16 his passion for Kung Fu drove him to travel all around China, searching for the right Master. In 1998, he found his teacher - the honourable Master Shi Dejian(释德建). Master Shi Dejian accepted Xingxi as a secular disciple, quickly standing out and becoming Shifu’s most trusted student. From 1998 to 2007 Xingxi studied under his master at San Huang Zhai monastery. By the end of his ten years at San Huang Zhai, Xingxi had understood and absorbed the three major strands of Shaolin culture known as “Chan Wu Yi”: Chan’ Buddhism, Kung Fu, and Traditional Medicine. Xingxi left the monastery in 2008 and now looks to integrate traditional Kung Fu into modern combat competitions to demonstrate the value of the origins of Chinese Kung Fu.

Zhang Weifeng was born in a martial arts family, his father Zhang Xun Hua (Taoist name Si Yong) is the last descendant of Guo Gaoyi(郭高一) who was a great master of Wu Dang Doaist monastery. From a young age, Zhang Weifeng learned kung fu from his father. He is proficient in many kung fu styles including bagua,xingyi, Wudang sword etc. His father recommended him to the Taoist ancestor region in Hubei province to study Wudang Taichi, and Wudang Daoism among others. He learned and practised hard in the Wudang mountains for more than 7 years. He then turned to the Shaolin temple to learn traditional Kung Fu under the Wu Gulun lineage of Shaolin. In 2011, Mr Wangqi took him as his disciple and intensively taught him the Sanhuang Paochui(三皇炮捶) as well as traditional combat skills and Taichi Tuishou. That same year, he joined the Beijing Wushu association and from there was invited to teach traditional Kung fu in Beijing. In 2014, Zhang Weifeng was invited to Holland by the Holland Wushu Association to teach traditional Chinese Kung Fu. During this period, he was invited to be a referee in International Martial arts Competitions. Since October 2010 he has received many gold medals and championships for various Kung Fu styles.

Paul Wang, a learned master, is now teaching meditation, ‘internal’ calligraphy and mindfulness Tai Chi at the live Zen centre in Beijing. He is fluent in Chinese and English and also teaches traditional Chinese Philosophy on international programs at Capital Normal University and the Institute of Education. Paul has taught international students for over 10 years and his areas of expertise include the principal classics of Confucius and Laozi, and the three disciples of Buddhist meditation: South-East Asian Buddhism, Chinese Zen Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism. Through his studies he has developed a set of practical methods on meditation by combining these three systems. His teachings include, Zen coaching, individual philosophical teaching and applying Zen practise to daily life.

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  • China, Beijing
  • Martial Arts, Culture
  • Baguazhang, Taichi Quan, Shaolin Kung Fu, Qigong, Xingyi Quan
  • Buddhism
  • Traditional Training
  • Medium
  • 10+
  • Saturday, April 15, 2017
  • 15 April 2017 to 22 April 2017
  • You combine this retreat with a longer stay at the school.
  • Training by Kung Fu masters, All seminars, Calligraphy class, Meditation, Chinese philosophy class, Tailored guidance, Use of training, calligraphy and meditation equipment, Accommodation (2 person shared room ), Meals (3 vegetarian meals per day), Tailor
  • 15-20
  • Naomi Lee, Master Xing Xi, Master Zhang, Master Wang
  • 3 Meals per day
  • Pick up and transfers
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Robert Lendon, England
Submitted on 02/18/2017 by David Kelly | Yes, I would recommend this experience
10 / 10
Overall Rating

I can’t think of any constructive criticism really, it has been a wonderful experience. I found the meditation and philosophy incredibly challenging at first which required a lot of efforts but inevitable in gaining understanding in these areas. As I explained earlier I thought the relationship between all the areas of study and kung fu was very good and formed a valuable insight into internal focus. It was very special to feel like part of the family.Thank you for everything I learned and for the experience.
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DAY 1 - Arrival

  • Arrival, meet and greet at a tea ceremony. 
  • Welcome dinner
  • Orientation and introduction to the programme
  • Pre-mediation: Mindfulness begins by settling the body, mind and breath

DAY 2 - Training begins

  • Participants are taught consciously guided breathing technic 1. 
  • Shaolin internal cultivation and stances 1. 
  • Classics - The teaching of great learning (DaXue)
  • Internal cultivation calligraphy 1. 
  • Stretching and basic stepping 1. 
  • Vipassana meditation

DAY 3 - Stage 2 learning

  • Consciously guided breathing technic 2. 
  • Shaolin internal cultivation and stances 2. 
  • Classics - cultivation of middle Qi The teaching doctrine of the mean (Zhong Yong)
  • Internal cultivation calligraphy 2. 
  • Stretching and basic stepping 2. 
  • Vipassana meditation & Wholesome living

DAY 4 - Combining with the body

  • Consciously Guided Breathing Technique & Internal Cultivation 1.
  • Step Work with Body Movements 1.
  • Classics–The Three Treasures of a Wholesome Life Teaching of  Laozi
  • Great Wall Kung Fu Training
  • MoZhao Zen Meditation & Staying clam with noise

DAY 5 - Further integration

  • Integration of Breathing and Internal Cultivation 1.
  • Step Work with Body Movements 2.
  • Classics –The Way of Health Preservation,Teaching of ZhuangZi
  • Internal Cultivation Calligraphy 3.
  • Martial Applications in Actual Combat 1.
  • Koan Zen Meditation (Koan mind).

DAY 6 - Generating strength

  • Integration of breathing and Internal cultivation within stances 1.
  • How to Generate Internal Strength.
  • Classics – Relation between Body, Mind and World - Teachings of Heart Sutra
  • Internal Cultivation Calligraphy 4.
  • Martial Applications in Actual Combat 2.
  • Summary for Meditation

DAY 7 - Review and certification

  • Integration of Breathing and Internal Cultivation within Stances 2.
  • Summary on Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism
  • Farewell--Tea party, talks on the concept of healthy way of life
  • Everyone summary and sharing  experience
  • Certification Ceremony
  • Group Photo
  • Lunch
  • Prepare to leave and send off


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15th AprilEarly Bird 5,900 (CNY)Book before 20 FebBook Now
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15th AprilSMA Members5,900 (CNY)
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Yanshan Mountains (燕山飞拉达), which is located 1.5 hours north of Beijing, deserves a visit for its fresh air and tranquility.

Yanshan or Yan Mountains (Chinese: 燕山; pinyin: Yān Shān) is a major mountain range north of the North China Plain, in northern Hebei Province. The range rises between the Chaobai River on the west and the famous Shanhai Pass on the east. It is made up mostly of limestone, granite and basalt. Its altitude ranges from 400 to 1000 meters. The main peak, Mount Wuling, is 2116 m above sea level and is located north of Xinglong County in Hebei. The range contains many narrow passes, such as Gubei Pass, Xifeng Pass and Leng Pass. The eastern stretch of the Great Wall of China, including Badaling in northern Beijing, can be found on the Yanshan Mountains. The mountains are also an important traffic gateway between north and south. The Mount Wuling Natural Reserve is located here.

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