Chenjiagou, Chen Bing Taiji Academy is a complete Tai Chi training environment set up with a definite sense of responsibility and duty to ensure that Chen Style Tai Chi continues to flourish around the World in the future at the highest level possible. The head instructor is Chen Bing the nephew of Chen Xiaowang.

Facilities: Indoor and outdoor training areas.


Chenjiagou, Chen Bing Taiji Academy accepts both Chinese and International students and instructors of Taijiquan. 

Established by Chen Bing a nephew of Chen Xiaowang in the birthplace of Chen Taiji. This school offers a comprehensive curriculum teaching of Chen Family Taijiquan. The level of tuition and training facilities at this school as you would expect are of a high quality. 

Fees for studying at the school are based on tuition only. This is because, accommodation and meal options are wide and varied. International students will then have to budget for accommodation, meals, water and any visa extensions. Long term students benefit from reduced rates and are provided on request.

School profile

  • China, Henan
  • Martial Arts
  • Chen Style Tai Chi
  • Basic
  • 3 out of 5
  • Students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult
  • June, July, August
  • - Tuition - Training equipment - Wifi - AC
  • - Accommodation - Food - Chinese Visa - Travel - Water - Airport pickup

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Chen Bing's School - Chenjiagou, Henan
Submitted on 06/19/2017 by David Kelly | Yes, I would recommend this experience
9 / 10
Overall Rating

I was able to visit Chen Bing's school in 2011 and was very impressed with it. It was clear that Chen Bing is very familiar with Western students and their needs. The buildings are new and have recently been massively extended with large indoor training areas as well as outdoor ones.

The training fee for students studying for a year wasn't much more than for three months though so its worth considering the long term options. There appear to be offers available such as splitting a year's training over several visits making the deal even better value for money. Obviously you need to be sure before committing that this is where you want to develop your taichi. The training fee is for working with one of the school's senior teachers on a personal basis. Students can pay more for contact with Chen Bing when he is resident.

Nb. Chen Bing is not always in residence at the school. 

The quality of the senior teachers I saw looked really good, in fact I was really emotional watching one performance of Lao Jia; it was just beautiful, and presumably this aesthetic subtlety in the form reflects Chen Bing's style. Students I spoke to were very happy with their training although it was clear that more experienced students were able to take more from the training in a short period.

As in every school the journey for a beginner is not easy. I can only suggest people train with a teacher in their own country for a while first before approaching Chenjiagou, but on the otherhand you may learn incorrectly and here you have access to superb teachers from day one. So this is a difficult judgement call.

The only weakness I could see at the school when I visited was that although Chen Bing speaks reasonable English, none of the other teachers do, so having a translator present would be a useful addition to the school. Learning some Chinese before attending would be useful as with most of the schools.
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Chenjiagou, Chen Bing Taiji Academy was established in 2011 in the Chen Village. The Head of the school is Chen Bing the nephew of Chen Xiaowang. Chen Bing is a highly experienced and talent Chen Style Taichi Master who is experienced in teaching Western students.

The School is modern and includes a large indoor training area as well as a number of outdoor training areas.  Generally a month all inclusive price including tuition, accommodation and food works out to be approximately $ 850 usd. This covers training on the entire range of Chen Style taichi so you can request whatever you want from the instructors at the school.

Students who do attend the school should be aware that Chen Bing is not alwasy resident at the school due to his attendance at international seminars and conferences. In addition students should also be aware that if they would like to study with Chen Bing privately there is likely to be an additional cost.

Senior instructors at the school are extremely highly qualified and students speak very highly of the training. The main weakness of the school is the lack of a perminate translatore to help the current master instructors.

Despite this the Chen Village and Chen Bing's school remains one of the best schools suitable for international martial arts students. It maintains a happy and open atmosphere and is packed with dedicated Chen Style Taiji students and masters who practice daily perfecting their Taichi.  


Master Chen Bing is an outstanding representative of the 20th generation Chen Taijiquan. In addition to being head of this school he also holds the following positions and associated responsibilities:

- Vice Provost, Chenjiagou Taijiquan and Wushu School.
- Honorary Master, Fudan University Chen-Style Taijiquan Association.
- Special instructor, Korea Chen-Style Taijiquan Association.
- Advisor, Japanese Chen-Style Taijiquan Association.
- Honorary Master, Hubei Province, Yichang District Taijiquan Association.

Born in 1971 as a son of Chen Yinghe who was an old brother of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang and Chen Xiaoxing, Chen Bing grew up in Chenjiagou, Wenxian County, Henan Province, China. As the eldest descendant of a 20th generation of the Chen family, he started his Taijiquan lessons from his two renowned uncles, Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang and Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing at the age of 6. Between 1990 and 2000, Chen Bing gradually received recognitions through his participation in the regional, national wushu tournaments:

1990, he won 1st place honor in Taijiquan, Sword and Taijiquan Combat at the Jiaozhou City Athletics Competition.
1993, 1998, 2000, he won 1st place in Chen-Style Taijiquan at the Wenxian County International Taijiquan annual festivals.
1995, 1996, 1997, he was crowned five consecutive times as Champion in Taijiquan, Sword as well as Taijiquan Push Hands.
1996, 1998, 2000, he won 1st place of Taijiquan Push Hands in the 70kg class at the National Wushu Taijiquan Contest.
1996, he won 1st place in 70kg class as well as the Tournament Championship at the Wenxian County International Taijiquan Open Challenge Tournament.
1997, he won 1st place in all-round Taijiquan at Henan Province Wushu Tournament.
2001, he won two 1st prizes at Hainan’s 1st International Taijiquan Health Association annual festival.
He graduated from the Shanghai Physical Education College in 2001.
1999, he created Fudan University’s Chen-Style Taijiquan Association.
2000, he was invited to participate in the 1st International Qi Culture Festival at Seoul (Korea in May, 2006).
And in November, he was invited back to Korea for three months teaching Taijiquan.
2001, he was invited to Japan for a month long Taijiquan instruction in July.
2002, May, as head coach, he brought the Henan Taijiquan Push Hand team to the National Wushu Competition and won two gold medals and a bronze medal.
2003,he accepted an offer from Bo-Chuan Chinese Medical University in Korea as a university lecturer. In the same year he was honored by Henan Province as “Exceptional Kunfu Trainer.
2004, he made multiple visits to US to teach Taijiquan and conducted workshops in San Francisco, Chicago, San Diego, Columbus, Ohio, and Pheonix City by his disciple, Bosco Seung-Chul Baek.
2005, May, he was invited to Columbus, Ohio to participate in the Asian Festival. The cover story of “Inside Kungfu” magazine featured an interview with Chen Bing “Chen for Life” in its December issue.
2006, appointed by the Wenxian County as the head trainer at the Wenxian Wushu Taijiquan School.
2008, Nov, he established his school named Chen Bing Taiji Academy in Chen Village and offers the authentic Chen Taijiquan.


The school offers various training programmes to meet individual students' requirements and experience.

The School Curriculum includes the following, and normally runs everyday with 3 days off each month for relaxation. 

Forms Practice

1. Chen Taijiquan 19 step form.
2. Chen Taijiquan 38 step form.
3. Chen Taijiquan Laojia Yilu (Old Frame First Road).
4. Chen Taijiquan Laojia Yilu (Old Frame Second Road: Cannon Fist).
5. Chen Taijiquan Xinjia Yilu (New Frame First Road).
6. Chen Taijiquan Xinjia Erlu (New Second Road: Cannon Fist).


1. Taiji Broad Sword.
2. Taiji Double Broad Sword.
3. Taiji Straight Sword.
4. Taiji Double Straight Sword.
5. Taiji Guando (Big broad sword).
6. Taiji Spear.
7. Taiji 13 step pike.
8. Taiji 3 pike sparring.
9. Taiji 8 pike sparring.

Push Hands

1. Taiji match push hand.
2. Taiji 5 sorts push hand.

Silk Reeling Exercises 

1. (Chan Si Gong) - Basic exercises which facilitate Chen family internal and external mechanics.

The following is an example of the normal school training schedule:

Summer Training Schedule: 

Morning Training: 8:30am - 11:30am. Afternoon Training: 15:30pm - 18:30pm.

Winter Training Schedule: 

Morning Training: 8:30am - 11:30am Evening Training: 14:30pm - 17:30pm


Chenjiagou, Chen Bing Taiji Academy

Application/Booking fee - $100

If you want to study at the Chenjiagou, Chen Bing Taiji Academy there is an application and booking fee of $100 USD for international and domestic students already in China (This fee secures your place at the school and your invitation letter). This should be paid prior to your arrival at the school. With StudyMartialArts.Org you can pay your application/booking fee via paypal or international bank transfer. The remainder of your fees must be paid direct to the school within 7 days of your arrival. If you wish to pay your full fee in advance of your arrival international bank transfer must be the method of payment used and we will provide you the bank details on request.  

We advise students to budget for their daily water, accommodation, meals, personal spending, and the cost of Chinese Visa extensions. The cost of visa extensions will vary according to nationality and length of stay.

PLEASE NOTE: Students only have 3 days of in 1 month  
School PricingCNYUSD
1 Month¥ 3,698
$ 600
2 Months¥ 7,396$ 1,200
3 Months¥ 11,095$ 1,800
4 Months¥ 14,793$ 2,400
5 Months¥ 18,491$ 3,000
6 Months¥ 19,725$ 3,200
7 Months¥ 19,725$ 3,600
8 Months¥ 19,725$ 3,600
9 Months¥ 19,725$ 3,600
10 Months¥ 19,725$ 3,600
11 Months¥ 19,725$ 3,600
12 Months¥ 19,725$ 3,600
3 Months
$40 USD
  Per Day
On request
1st year2nd year3rd year4th year5th year
$3,600On RequestOn RequestOn RequestOn Request

- Accommodation + Food ($18 per day)

- Special SMA Deal 2x Sharing Accommodation + Food ($12 per day)

- Single Room Supplement

- Personal Spending 

- Visa Extensions

- Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport pick up (400 rmb)

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