High end accommodation at a boutique hotel on Wudang mountain below the Golden Peak. Visit Wudang Shan and study Wudang Kung Fu without compromising on quality or paying high end costs. Included in the price is breakfast plus 2 hours of morning training from 6am to 8am with additional training options purchaced on request.

SMA Wudang Experience -  Is a package exclusive to StudyMartialArts.Org
This accommodation and training package offers a high standard of accommodation on Wudang Shan in a small exclusive hotel with amazing views and in an amazing location just beneath Wudang's Golden Peak. Rooms range from twin single, double, and luxury suites with access to a private garden, and breakfast included. Please Note: Guests must check in Before 4pm.

This is a unique opportunity for tourists and enthusiasts of Tai Chi, Qigong, and the Taoist Martial Arts to get away from the crowds and spend time relaxing on Wudang Shan while also practicing martial arts health at a healing retreat.

Accommodation - A high standard of accommodation and facilities offered.
Location - The location of the hotel is such that you can spend numerous days on the mountain exploring the temples and beautiful environment at your leisure.
Morning Training - Another highlight will be optional morning training sessions that run from 6am-8am and are led by Master Chen a Taoist Monk.
Master Si Jun Tao - Additional health and healing as well as martial arts training led by Master Si Jun Tao can be arranged through StudyMartialArts.Org

Wudang Mountain - Sacred Taoist mountain, legendary birthplace of Wudang Tai Chi. learn Wudang Qigong & Meditation from Taoist monks. editate and soul search in the tranquility of some of China's most unique Taoist temples.


Explore Wudang Shan at your leisure with this self-guided tour that includes 2 hours of training plus breakfast each morning. The aim of this experience is to give the independent traveler and martial arts adventurer or qigong enthusiast an opportunity to do things their way. To stay on the mountain train and get the very most out of their trip.

"This experience simply put offers the best accommodation on Wudang Shan combined with the best location." 

While visiting Wudang it is a must to meet the masters and take part in some Wudang kung fu, whether for self defence, self cultivation or for health and longevity. Lessons and training can be specially tailored to fit your needs and availability. The combination of luxury and comfort, Wudang culture and of course martial arts offered through this experience is truely hard to beat.

Taoist meditation and health qigong is a highlight of this experience. Learn secret taoist health and longevity secrets to keep you feeling young, healthy and full of vitality and life. 

Wudang is famous for it's sacredness as a Taoist mountain and legendary as the birthplace of Tai Chi, through StudyMartialArts.Org you will have the opportunity to train with a highly skilled and well respected Taoist monks with in-depth knowledge on Wudang Tai Chi and Taoist meditation.

What you will get?

Improve your general health by learning taoist health and longevity secrets, enjoy breath taking scenery, stay in a tranquil and exclusive get away on top of one of China's most celebrated mountains.


SMA Travel

Specializes in creating travel and cultural experiences for martial arts students and adventure travellers. Our focus is not on any particular style but on the quality of the teacher and its content. StudyMartialArts.Org (SMAtravel) has to date established close friendships with schools, masters and associations all over China, and Thailand. We specialize in supporting and promoting quality travel and training experiences that cultivate in participants an awakening. An awakening of a deeper connection to your environment and being.

Master Si Jun Tao (Offers additional classes on request)

Master Si Jun Tao's daoist name is Li Jing and his lineage is of the Xuan Wu Sect of Daoism. Master Si Jun Tao has won a number of competitions for his Martial Arts. In the Shenzhen 5th wushu competition he received a gold medal for his fist and sword forms. In the Shenzhen 1st traditional martial arts boxing competition he received a gold medal for his staff form and in the traditional martial arts competition he won the 65kg Sanda title in 2007.

Master Chen (Teaches the morning session)

With him you will learn various taoist health and restorative exercises and neigong sets as well as traditional Wudang Kung Fu. Master Chen is an experienced Traditional Wudang Martial Arts Master with years of teaching experience. He has won numerous competitions for traditional forms and is exceptionally good at Taichi. Each morning from 6am - 8am he teaches at the hotels private garden nestled underneath the Golden Peak.

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A Truly Special Wudang Experience
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What can I say? This was an amazing experience! What a hotel, what a location, what special treatment, and what a view!
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Booking through SMA makes the whole experience hassle free and ensures quality control.
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This Tour is Self-tailored and Managed

1-14 DAYS

The accommodation is on Wudang Mountain and participants are free to visit each temple at their leisure once they have booked into the hotel and paid the initial fee to access Wudang Shan. Additional costs are only applied if participants want to use the cable car or leave the mountain before their stay is over. O. Your itineary is flexible to suite each and every person. You tell us which accommodation package you would like and how much training you would like to do and everything else is up to you. Therefore this is ideal for the independent adventurer. 

See the prices and dates tab above for details of the accommodation packages and prices. 

Highlights include:

  • The Palace of Harmony
  • Grand Purple Cloud Palace
  • South Cliff Palace
  • Yuzhen Palace
  • Training with Master Si


Accommodation Fees:

Dates of DepartureEvent OptionPriceTrip StatusBook Now 
Booking's on RequestPackage 1
350 RMB
AliveBook Now
Booking's on Request Package 2
350 RMBAliveBook Now 
Booking's on RequestPackage 3
900 RMB
AliveBook Now


Training Fees:


Wudang Tai chi & Meditation with Master Si Jun Tao

300 RMB

Guided Tour with Translators

500 rmb

Master Chen300 RMBTea Ceremony 300 rmb


Meals Included: Breakfast 


DAY 1-14 


Our itinerary is flexible to suit each and every person. You tell us which accommodation package you would like and how much training you would like to do everything else is up to you. Therefore ideal for the independent adventurer. 


Package 1: Twin Room


Package 2: Double Room


Package 3: Luxury Room 


For Longer Stays: Contact us for details or visit Master Si's School Page

Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang Mountains


Wudang Mountain, Shiyan, Hubei
 Wudang Mountain Photos

As a famous Taoist shrine, Wudang Mountain is located in Shiyan City, Hubei Province. Also called Taihe and Xuanyue Mountain, it is renowned for its magnificent ancient building complex and appealing natural landscape. In 1994, the Ancient Building Complex on the mountain was included on the World Heritage List by UNESCO. Besides, the mountain is said to be the birthplace of the famous Chinese Wudang Martial Arts.




Construction of the Ancient Building Complex started in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). During the reign of Emperor Taizong , the Five Dragon Ancestral Temple was built on Wudang Mountain. In the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), about 33 palaces and structures including the Yuxu Palace, the Grand Purple Cloud Palace, the Yuzhen Palace and the Palace of Harmony were built. Then the grand and magnificent building complex was formed. At present, the extant building complex includes the Palace of Harmony, the Grand Purple Cloud Palace, the South Cliff Palace, the Yuzhen Palace, relics of the Yuxu Palace and the Five Dragon Ancestral Temple, Xuanyue Gate (a huge archway) and the Fuzhen Temple.


 Palace of Harmony

Situated on the south section of Tianzhu Peak, the Palace of Harmony is composed of the Golden Palace (Golden Peak), the Forbidden City and the Gutong Hall. The Golden Palace is the most celebrated. Constructed of bronze, the palace is about four meters (13 feet) long, three meters (10 feet) wide and six meters (20 feet) high. In the hall stands the statue of Emperor Zhenwu in the shrine with Golden Boy and Jade Girl, and two generals of Fire and Water attending him on the left and right. It is said that the statue of Emperor Zhenwu is about ten tons (22,046 pounds). Above the shrine is hung a golden plaque with four Chinese characters 'Jin', 'Guang', 'Miao' and 'Xiang' written by Kangxi, an emperor in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Through the ages, the palace still presents its glamour and grandiosity.


Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang MountainAn ancient temple, Wudang Mountain


 Grand Purple Cloud Palace


Located below Zhanqi Peak, the Grand Purple Cloud Palace is the most magnificent and best-preserved Taoist building on Wudang Mountain. Covering an area of 6,850 square meters (two acres), the palace consists of the Dragon and Tiger Hall, the Stele Pavilion, the Shifang Hall, the Parents' Hall, the Grand Hall of Purple Cloud Palace and other buildings. Covered with blue glazed tiles and yellow and blue carvings on the roof, the Grand Hall is the most representative wooden structure on the mountain. In the hall is worshipped the sculpture of Emperor Jade which was made by a Ming Dynasty artisan.


 South Cliff Palace


The South Cliff Palace is situated below the Duyang Cliff. It has the Tianyi Zhenqing Hall, the Two Bearings Hall, the Eight Diagrams Pavilion, the South Heaven Gate and the Flying Cliff. Built in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), the Tianyi Zhenqing Hall is the most renowned. All the beams, pillars, doors and windows were carved from stone. This stone palace is a masterpiece of Chinese stone carving.


Gilt Bronze Hall, Wudang MountainWudang Mountain, Shiyan, Hubei


 Yuzhen Palace


The Yuzhen Palace, the relics of the Yuxu Palace and the Five Dragon Ancestral Temple, Xuanyue Gate (a huge archway) and the Fuzhen Temple are also must-sees on the mountain. In addition, many sculptures, offerings and sutras in the palaces, tablets and inscriptions on the cliffs are precious relics and worth a visit.

The mountain is also celebrated for its appealing natural landscape including 72 peaks, 36 rocks, 24 streams, 11 caves, nine springs and three ponds. At any time of the year, tourists can enjoy its wonderful natural scenery.


 How to Get There: 


 By train: Take a train from Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Qingdao, Wuhan, or some other cities and get off at Wudangshan Station. Transfer to intercity bus no. 202 or 203 to the scenic area directly.

 See Wudangshan Train Schedule & Stations

 By bus:

1. From Shiyan: Intercity bus no. 202 can take visitors from Shiyan Railway Station to the mountain within 70 minutes.

2. From Xian: Two direct tourist buses to the scenic area are scheduled at the Provincial Bus Station opposite Xian Railway Station, leaving at 09:00 and 15:00. It takes around 4 hours.

3. From Wuhan: One direct bus is available from Jinjiadun Bus Station, departing at 13:40 daily. It takes around 6 hours and costs CNY179/person.

 By air: Tourists can fly to Wudangshan Airport from Xian, Tianjin, Kunming, Wuhan and Hangzhou. Then take a taxi to reach the mountain at a cost of CNY60-80.


Ticket PriceCNY 240

1. It includes the admission fee and sigtseeing bus fee, excluding the entrance fee for the Golden Palace (CNY 27) and Grand Purple Cloud Palace (CNY 15).
2. Visitors need to pay extra CNY 3 for insurance.
3. Visitors can take the sightseeing bus unlimitedly with a valid ticket.
Cable CarFeb. 1 - Oct. 31: Up: CNY 90; Down: CNY 80
Nov. 1 - Next Jan. 31: Up: CNY 70; Down: CNY 60 
Opening Hours08:00 - 17:00
Best Time to VisitMarch to May & September to November


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