Free Download: A Travel Guide for Martial Artists & Adventure Travelers - China

People who travel to China without downloading this travel guide are 138% more likely to be unprepared for the journey ahead. All right, so maybe we're exaggerating this point to grab your attention. However, the fact is that after you have read this guide you will know exactly what preparations are required before you begin your journey and also how you can deal with all that China has to offer.

This guide walks you through, the dreaded Chinese visa, what to pack, health and safety, money and banking, domestic travel, living in China, communications and much more.

You'll learn:

  • How to prepare in advance of your trip
  • How to keep you and your belongs safe
  • What you'll need to become an expert traveler
  • How to earn extra travel & training cash
  • Ways to save money

And here's your sneak peek into the actual travel guide: 

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