Have you’ve ever wanted to Study Martial Arts in China? An awesome way to do that would be with one our combined Martial Arts and language learning courses.

The benefits of combining martial arts and language learning

The benefits of one of these programs is the practical skills you learn throughout the experience that actually can add value to your CV. These programs allow participants to develop their martial arts skills and also their understanding of Chinese culture and language. This is a unique way to study with a high level master outside the normal international kung fu school route as long term Chinese visa can be provided through the University.

Past participants

The video clip below was taken in Yantai, Shandong province. Yantai is a small second tier City on the northeast coast of China. It has cheap housing and has a good environment. Yantai is famous for a number of kung fu styles including Taichi Mantis, Tongbei quan, Baguazhang and more. In the clip you will seen Bernard De Premonville who completed this course and moved to Senegal, Africa where he has opened the very first Chinese traditional martial arts training school ‘Zen Martial Arts Training’.

Yantai City has traditionally been a hot bed of kung fu schools and masters and is well worth a look. For details of our Traditional Martial Arts and Language Learning programs or our affordable Gap Year Programmes contact us now! Alternatively, why not Check out Master Sui’s full biography and training schedule here.


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