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Why not tailor your experience?
Speak to our team and let us help you tailor your martial arts journey. We're here to help you not only reach your training aims and objective but also to help you have fun!
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Have you ever thought about bring your school to China or Thailand as part of a martial arts and cultural exchange?

Well, if you have, but aren't sure about how to put this plan into action. Connect to one of our specialist advisors and we will put together a plan that can work for you and your school or group.

* Martial Arts * Travel * Historic Sites * Fitness * Health * Meditation * Cultural * Fun * And much more....

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Featured Schools

  • Lion Muay Thai Camp Phuket
  • Study at the Shaolin Temple
  • Hainan Instructor Training Courses
  • Intensive training, intense Master
  • Kaimen Bajiquan in Mengcun
  • Kunyu Shan Shaolin Kung Fu School
  • Grandmaster Chen Fusheng
  • Language Learning & Kung Fu
  • Daoist Internal Arts with Master Yuan
  • Shaolin Kung Fu in Northern Thailand
  • Learn Aikido intensively in Japan
  • Fly like a Shaolin Monk Learn Kung fu in China
  • Ancient Fighting Styles of Thailand
  • Chen Style Taijiquan in the Chen Village
  • Learn from a Wudang Dragon
  • Study Traditional Martial Arts in Beijing
  • Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy
  • Kunlun International Kung Fu School
  • Study Martial Arts in Wudang
  • Shaolin Kungfu and Confucius
  • Taichi in beautiful Yangshou
  • Get an authentic Shaolin Kung Fu experience
  • Tianmeng Shaolin Kung Fu Academy
  • RDS New Location & New Masters
  • An Wushu International Martial Arts School

Our Mission

StudyMartialArts.Org is a website for Adventure Travelers and Martial Artists. We provide accurate and independent information on travel and training and study opportunities related to Martial Arts World Wide. Explore our site and discover travel and training tours, retreats, schools, events, masters and courses locally, nationally or internationally in stunning locations. StudyMartialArts.Org (SMA) was created by Martial Artists to provide quality information on martial arts study and travel experiences.  




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