In this day and age, the many brands of smartphones and their subsequent apps cover an array of interests that help us either improve our life skills, kill boredom, or accomplish tasks relatively easily. Not so surprisingly, martial arts practitioners, even fans of these disciplines, have come up with useful applications people can enjoy and use. App development companies such as YMMA, for one, have established mobile programs for tai chi, kung fu, and other similar disciplines. Of course, there are also the likes of Jawabon and WaGame.

Ideally, these firms incorporate practical methods that highlight kung fu, especially for beginners, as well as help us understand the fascination that comes from it. This same process can be attributed to how the online app gaming industry – as a whole – went from being exclusively in traditional casinos to invading our gadgets.

Latest developments

Over the years, most of the popular casino games have seamlessly transitioned from Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Macau, into our personal spaces. Various online companies started developing thematic versions of favorites such as poker, roulette, and, of course, slots to give players a more heightened feel and an aesthetically pleasing medium.

This, in a way, is also to provide much-needed game and design variations to its diverse patrons. Aside from having a boxing themed game called Fisticuffs and a Bruce Lee-inspired version, Spin Genie also has Starburst slots, which is more catered to the basic gamers. This somewhat gaming phenomenon has a hold on people’s interests, subconsciously opening their eyes and minds to the wonders of online technology. It’s also where martial arts practitioners, specifically kung fu enthusiasts, can learn the ropes at the earliest convenience.

Today’s apps

To give us an idea on how today’s apps differ from each other, Motion Kick lists three categories namely utility, productivity, and immersive. From here, we can rely on the respective mobile apps based on our needs. If we need tutorials for basic kung fu movements and techniques, then we can download and use the likes of Shaolin Kung Fu by YMMA and Jawabon’s Kung Fu – Martial Arts. These programs have comprehensive videos and images from actual masters of the discipline. Immersive apps, on the other hand, feature kung fu-inspired games such as Kung Fu Do Fighting, which is a Street Fighter-like game with different characters from a variety of martial arts.

In short, this goes to show how a traditional martial art such as kung fu follows the technological path taken by casinos, cellular phones, and mobile games. It’s one way of withstanding the tests of time, as well as an effective tool to welcome and introduce it to today’s generation. Come to think of it, these are all just the tip of the iceberg, as it won’t take long until other app developers recognize the significance of martial arts in general and the potential of its mobile programs.


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