As an Irish man in China, it would be wrong to say I haven’t enjoyed some excellent drinking sessions as well as socialising with friends, fellow students and my Chinese brothers and sisters. By reading this article you will learn my top 5 tips for drinking in China, and surviving.

First and foremost I want to make it very clear that you owe it to yourself not to be the drunken foreigner, and more importantly the wrong type of drunken foreigner. Remember the purpose of your journey should be to Study Martial Arts. Heavy drinking won’t help you reach your aims and objectives and may cause you, your hosts, school or Shifu to loose face (embarrassment).

Drinking in China and smoking is common. Cheap alcohol and cigarettes are everywhere. China is certainly not the best place to run away to if you want to change these bad habits. This must start at home.

Most social drinking in China is primarily associated with eating. With most drinking taking place around the dinner table and meals as a way to cement relationships and do business. As a topic this subject could easily have a series of blog entries but that will be a story for another day.

Here are my top 5 tips for drinking in China and surviving

1. Showing respect when drinking is probably one of the first things someone will explain to you. When drinking expressvpn-privacy-300x250-guard-c6845ef86532e3a630ce2c0576f3b7fbtea or when drinking alcohol with a superior clink your cup/glass lower. Its super simple and easy to remember. But its much appreciated by your elders, fellow guests, shifu’s. The rest of the customs and rules need not be learnt straight away and are things you’ll pick up on or learn as you go. As a foreigner you’ll not be expected to know them or everything.

2. When inviting or being invited out for dinner or meals in China. The standard rule of thumb is usually the inviter pays unless stated otherwise.

3. When drinking follow the lead of others at the table in terms of speed quantity and times. Whatever you do avoid mixing baijiu and beer. You should remember drinking in China can start very slowly but once the individual toasting starts it can be rapid and all those small cups will start catching up on you especially if you’ve insisted on drinking out of turn.

4. If you don’t want to drink have an excuse prepared in advance or warn your host of this. Excuses related to health tend to be the best. Having tried many over the years these where best received by hosts and guests. If you’re not going to be drinking much but still want to show respect have tea ready in your cup and don’t empty the cup (ganbie) just drink as you wish (suiyi).

5. Eat, eat and eat. Show appreciation and be a good guest.

If you would like to learn more about how to survive in China why not check out my post on 10 Mistakes Foreign Martial Arts Students Make in China.


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