People who travel to China without downloading this free travel guide are 138% more likely to be unprepared for the journey ahead. Well, all right, so maybe I’m exaggerating a little to grab your attention. However, I’m confident that after you’ve read this guide things will be much clearer and you will be more sure of what to expect. This guide will tell exactly what preparations are required before you begin your journey and also how you can deal with all that China has to offer during your experience.

This StudyMartialArts.Org travel guide for China is especially tailored for martial artists and adventure travellers who are planning to study in China for between 3-12 months. In the guide you will be walked through, Chinese visas, what to pack, health and safety information, tips about money and banking, domestic travel within China, how to communicate with loved ones back home and much more.

Navigating the noise and hustle of people.

Navigating the noise and hustle of people.

In this travel guide you will learn:

  • Tips on ways to save money
  • How to prepare in advance of your trip
  • How to keep you and your belongs safe
  • What you’ll need to become an expert traveller
  • How to earn extra money while traveling & training
  • And how to get the most out of your training experience

Free Travel Guide for China

Download the free travel guide here

Travel Guide China


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