Sheng Jing Shan Kung Fu Academy specializes in the teaching of traditional Chinese Kung Fu and culture to students coming from all around the world. The main subjects taught include Shaolin kungfu, Bagua Palm, Mantis Fist, Tai Chi, Qigong and Sanda. In addition to martial arts the school also offers Chinese culture lessons, including Daoism, massage, and acupuncture. Here you can learn kung fu in China and experience Chinese martial arts and TCM culture.

Facilities: Indoor and outdoor training areas.


Sheng Jing Shan Kung Fu Academy offers international martial arts students and adventure travellers the opportunity to learn kung fu in China along with Chinese wushu culture. The Academy is small and friendly. Students are taught according to their own level of skill and at their own pace. Training can be taken in a number of traditional Chinese martial arts styles with emphasis on both forms and applications.

Students who attend this school train from Monday to Friday. The school itself is located deep in the mountains of Weihai City, Shandong province, Shengjing mountain is an historical centre for Daoism close to Weihai. Surrounded by nature and next to Shengjing Mountain, the environemnet is rural avoiding the stress of the City. Daily training takes place at East Flower Daoist Temple.

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School Training

Training takes place 5 days per week Monday to Friday 6am to 5pm. Generally morning sessions focus on forms practice and afternoon sessions fighting applications and technics. Both external and internal training methods plus flexibility training, qigong and fitness is woven throughout each day and a typical training week. 


Key features of this school are its traditional training methods and Master Qu's experience in teaching foreign students. 

Cultural Classes

Daily cultural classes offer students a basic introduction to TCM (acupuncture, massage) , Chinese language learning, Daoism, Calligraphy and Cooking. These classes run Monday to Friday from 16:10-1700 and are not geared towards achieving a qualification. With the Chinese language classes students are put into three levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. This is based on the number of characters they know. We advise all our students to bring or order a selection of basic Mandarin books to help provide the structure you will need to get the most out of your lessons.

Daily Life at the School

The School is relatively small and rurally located. The surrounding area is beautiful and inspires dedication to training and meditation. While the accommodation is basic. Student should expect to share with other students in during peak times. Food at the school is home-cooked and 3 meals are provided each day.

We advise students to budget for their daily water, personal spending, internet access and the cost of Chinese Visa extensions. The cost of visa extensions will vary according to nationality and length of stay. Monthly internet costs for students who wish to have internet in their rooms is 70 (CNY) per month.

Getting to the School

• Pickup from Weihai Airport (FREE) 

• Airport Pickup from Yantai $100 (USD) 

• Railway Pickup from Yantai (FREE)

• Fight and train travel from Beijing or other cities in China is easy to arrange. For travel assistance and support contact info@StudyMartialArts.Org.

School profile

  • China, Shandong
  • Martial Arts
  • Baguazhang, Taichi Quan, Sanda, Shaolin Kung Fu, Qigong, Seven Star Praying Mantis Boxing, Northern Praying Mantis, Wing Chun, Tong Bei
  • Spartan
  • 3 out of 5
  • Students under 18 must be accompanied by an adult
  • June, July, August
  • - Tuition - Accommodation - Meals - Equipment - Pick-up from Yantai Railway Station or Weihai Airport
  • - Insurance - Travel - Chinese Visa - Pick-up from Yantai Airport - Internet

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To benefit from our exclusive deals and travel service you must book your training through us. Use the book now button, or contact us directly via email or SKYPE if you want instant assistance.

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To apply for the Martial Arts and English Teaching Programme please contact StudyMartialArts.Org for further details. Students wishing to take up opportunity must allow adequate time for documents to be checked and schools to be contacted.

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Kung Fu Gap Year by Valentina
Submitted on 06/15/2017 by David Kelly | Yes, I would recommend this experience
9 / 10
Overall Rating

Hi, my name is Valentina Natale, I’m Italian but live in Belgium and this is the second time I have come to China to train kungfu. One of the reasons I decided to return was because I am on a gap year and had the time to do so. However the main reason was because last year I had an incredible time training with Master Qu.

This is my second month back and I have one more month left here. I originally started Mantis last year with a view to only try it out for one week before moving over to Shaolin. In fact after the first day with Master Qu I changed my plans and decided to stay with him. The first reason for coming to Shengjing Shan was because Master Qu was here. Although last year I had only trained with him for one month, I really felt he understood me and that he was my shifu. He tries to make you become a better person in every sense, and he always motivates you to train harder, by the end of your time with him you just want to make him proud. Secondly, the surroundings, for example when I first visited the new school it was exactly what I expected when you think about coming to train in China. Since we are on the temple grounds, it means you get a more real and educational experience about China’s history, culture and religion. I came here knowing it wasn’t going to be a huge school, and that it was going to be more personal and family like.

Even sitting round the table with the masters and the cook is great, despite not always understanding what they are saying, it makes for a much better experience. The location is very “kungfu-ish” and we have lots of little training spots outside, up in the mountains, which are amazingly cool. If you’re already a martial arts freak you are going to fall in love, and even if you’re not you probably will anyway. It’s less like a Western bubble here, which might seem scary at first but the overall experience is far more enriching. As for having a smaller group, there are some bits that I like, others not so much. During free time its sometimes nice to be able to hang out with lots of people and be forced to get along with people you wouldn’t normally hang out with. However the most important thing here is your training. With a smaller group you train harder, you are motivated by both the students and masters alike. For example when there were only three students at the school, I had a two hour 1-to-1 kickboxing session with Master Qu.

Even though it was difficult, it was amazing at the same time as I felt myself improving. Also you really begin to bond and become a family unit. Originally my goals were fitness orientated and I’ve achieved most of the goals I had set myself, including upper body strength and endurance training. Unfortunately I have had shin splints and so I haven’t been able to work on my cardio as much as I would have liked to. But the injury has been a blessing in disguise as it has helped me to hone my mental strength. At Shengjing Shan you begin to learn how strong you actually are and how strong you can become, both physically and mentally, which is great for the future. I feel if I can make it here, then I can make it anywhere. For me food is always an issue, not only am I a food freak but I’m also gluten intollerant, so I like to know everything that is going into my food. However the cook here is great, especially compared to a lot of other Chinese cooks. She really tries to cook as healthy as possible given the confines of Chinese cuisine. The cook even invited us to her house and taught us how to make dumplings. Not only does she always listen to your suggestions, she is very willing to provide anybody with their own “special-needs” meal.

The three pieces of advice I would give would be;

-Stop thinking, just come, if possible for at least three months.
-Bring protein powder if you’re a fitness freak.
-Train a little before you come.

I think this school is suited for anyone who loves fitness. Ok maybe not the gym rats who spend every waking moment pushing weights, here is more suited to the people who are willing to push themselves physically and mentally. Shengjing Shan is especially good for those who may have been having a hard time back home and need some space for personal reflection and development.
SMA Feedback
Website Rating

Review by Anthony from California
Submitted on 06/15/2017 by David Kelly | Yes, I would recommend this experience
9 / 10
Overall Rating

Hi, my name is Anthony Lisa, I’m 17 and from California. I’ve been interested in kungfu for a while, originally I wanted to stay in the States but I realised you can’t match the hours and quality of training here in China. Also because I wanted to learn some Chinese and more about the country itself, it was a logical option. So I’m currently studying Bagua under Master Qu and have been doing so for 5 months, but I’ve been in China for 9 months.

Master Qu is the main reason I came to this school. After having had him as my master for three months and having had other masters before him, I knew he was the best I’ve ever trained with. In short I want to be the best I can possibly be and I thinkMaster Qu is the person who is the most suited to this job. Its also worth mentioning that it’s really beautiful here and great for training which is obviously a plus. Sometimes it can feel a little bit isolated from the major cities but in truth it has all the necessities for day-to-day living. I really enjoy the small group environment as well. Of course there are benefits that come with having a big group, but with a smaller group you have more 1-to-1 time with the master. This means you have more time to understand the moves, the theory and the power behind what you are being taught, whereas with a big group it can sometimes feel a bit rushed.

Before I arrived, my goals were mostly physical ones but they’ve pretty much all changed over time because what you think is important changes as you train. Even though I haven’t achieved the original goals I set out with, I’m extremely happy with where I’m personally at, given the fact that in hindsight the goals I set weren’t really relevant to the kungfu which I’m studying.

The food here is very good but after 9 months it cansometimes get quite repetitive, but you expect that when you live and train in a kungfu school. If you are eating meat here then of course there is more variety but this isn’t something I’m particularly concerned about as I’m a vegetarian. Ultimately food isn’t really a point of interest here, in that you come to see it simply as fuel and a means to an end, which is being able to train hard. The first piece of advice would be for you to expect nothing. Secondly you should try live to these three words; survive, train, improve. Everyone’s first week is going to be difficult, you just have to do your best and try to get through it.

Then as you progress you have to train harder, whether that is during classtime or by yourself in your free time. Once you get to the point where you are honestly pushing yourself, you will see yourself improve immensely. Lastly, get used to drinking hot water hahaha. As for who this school is for, it's a little bit hard to give one definitive answer. For example here you’ll find the person who wants to learn more about China and its culture, you’ll also find the fitness buff and even the person who wants to discover the deeper meaning of martial arts and meditation. In honesty, the way I see it, there is almost something here for everybody.
SMA Feedback
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The Sheng Jing Shan Kung Fu Academy is dedicated to the teaching of traditional internal and external Traditional Chinese Martial Arts as well as its traditions. This school not only offers Martial Arts Training but also partners with StudyMartialArts.Org to provide students who attend the school English Teaching opportunities provided they have a TEFL certificate and will commit to at least 6-12 months at the school. Please ask your StudyMartialArts.Org representative for further information.  

The School is relatively small, and rurally located within the Weihai administrative area. It has a family atmosphere and the surrounding area is beautiful inspiring dedication to training and meditation. On-sight accommodation is basic however, students are provided with private rooms at no extra charge when the school is not busy. However, in peak seasons students will be expected to share. Food at the school is home-cooked and 3 meals are provided each day.

Training takes place 5 days per week Monday to Friday and includes cultural class of basic TCM, Calligraphy, language learning, cooking and Taoism. 


Master Qu began learning Martial arts in his childhood. After over twenty years of hard work and effort, he started to mark his own name by teaching what he had learned from his masters. At the same time, he got more opportunities to enrich his experience when he followed his master to take part in some international exchanges and competitions. He also found more and more foreigners were attracted by Chinese martial arts and Chinese culture. 

So the dream of opening his own martial arts school began to form. He discussed his ideas with his master, and got a positive response. He then needed a place to begin his dream. When he traveled to Weihai City Shengjing mountains, it seemed that this beautiful environment and fresh air called to him, he then learned that this area was also historically regarded as the birthplace of the Quanzhen school of Taoism. So he decided to set up his school here.

After a number of months of planning and preparation Master Qu, his friends and students established a functioning kung fu school. The school welcomes students from all over the world and the training adheres to a strict training regime so they can excel above and beyond all expectations

Training takes place Monday to Friday with the weekends off for relaxation, travel and fun. Teaching is tailored to individual needs and abilities.

Martial Arts Styles offered:

Baguazhang/ Mantis Fist/ Taichi/ Tongbei/ Xingyi/ Qigong/ Shaolin/ Sanda/ Wingchun


- 06:00-07:00 Taichi/Qigong
- 07:00-08:00 Breakfast
- 08:30-10:00 Training
- 10:30-11:30 Training
- 12:00-13:00 Lunch
- 14:30-16:00 Training
- 16:10-17:00 Cultural Class
- 17:00-18:00 Dinner

Students should be quietly in their rooms by 21:00.

Sheng Jing Shan Kung Fu Academy

Application/Booking/Administration Fee - $150

If you want to study at this Academy there is a non-refundable application and booking fee of $100 USD for international and domestic students already in China. This should be paid prior to your arrival at the school. With StudyMartialArts.Org you can pay your application/booking fee via paypal or international bank transfer. The remainder of your fees must be paid direct to the school within 7 days of your arrival. If you wish to pay your full fee in advance of your arrival international bank transfer must be the method of payment used and we will provide you the bank details on request.  
School Pricing
1 Month
2 Months
3 Months
4 Months
5 Months
6 Months
7 Months
8 Months
9 Months
10 Months
11 Months
12 Months
3 Months
$300 USD
$50 USD
 Per Day
On request
1st year2nd year3rd year4th year5th year


- Airport pick-up from Yantai - $100 (USD)

- Internet Access - 70 (CNY)

- Personal Spending  

- Visa Extensions

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