Grandmaster Xu Shi Xi is a Master of Yin Style Bagua Zhang, Chen Style Taiji Quan, Joint manipulation, locks, Neigong and Longevity practices. Grandmaster Xu Shi Xi is 70+ years old and he practices every day and teaches four days per week in the Temple of Heaven's Pine forest.

Special Skills: Combat, Knowledge of TCM, Health & Longevity

Facilities: Out door training facilities


Grandmaster Xu Shi Xi is the last living inheritor from the Number 3 National Academy for Wushu in Beijing. Despite being 70+ years of age Grandmaster Xu has a vitality and energy that many of his contemporaries do not posses. Grandmaster Xu teaches with energy and enthusiasm and is willing to pass on all his vast knowledge to students who are willing and capable of learning traditional Yin Style Baguazhang, Chen Style Taichi and his Health and Longevity Secrets. 

Grandmaster Xu can be found teaching 4 days a week at the Temple of Heaven within the Pine Forest.

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  • China, Beijing
  • Martial Arts
  • Qigong, Chen Style Tai Chi, Qinna, Yin Style Baguazhang
  • TCM
  • Taoism
  • 2 out of 5
  • No age restriction
  • Accommodation in Beijing can be provided on request.
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Training with Master Xu
Submitted on 10/26/2017 by David Kelly | Yes, I would recommend this experience
8 / 10
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Training with Master Xu is a once in a lifetime experience. He is one of the last real old school Taichi and Bagua Grandmasters still regularly teaching and accepting students of all levels.

Learning from him at the Temple of Heaven is an amazing experience that I will never forget. 
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Grandmaster Xu Shi Xi teaching methods combine practical martial arts skills both defensive and attacking as well as healing and qi cultivation. He teaches high level practical skills and martial arts, medical and qi theory.

His ability energy and radiance shines through in his teaching. A rare character he has lived through tough times and policital changes here in Beijing. He has committed his life to studying martial arts as well as teaching martial arts and he is an amazing person to learn from.

He teaches in the temple of heaven and this location and atmosphere add to the learning experience. A real fighter and expert of combat, qin'na as well as TCM he can both hurt and heal.

Studying with Grandmaster Xu Shi Xi is a real privilege and one we would highly recommend should you get the opportunity. Training in the traditional way Xu Shifu is a living museum filled with knowledge. 

Grandmaster Xu Shi Xi was born in Beijing in 1942 into a family a with a background in Traditional Chinese Medicince. At the age of 13 he began studying martial arts and a number of basic foundational fist forms. He continued to diligently study martial arts each day and in the late 1950's he was introduced to Grandmaster Zhang Qing Lian. Grandmaster Zhang Qing Lian was a national Chinese champion in 1936 in the art of Yin Style Baguazhang.

Xu Shi Xi lived with Grandmaster Zhang Qing Lian for 20 years and practiced, fist, palm, broadsword, cudgel, spear and straight sword until Grandmaster Zhang passed away at the age of 84.

Also in the late 50's Xu Shi Xi began to develop a greater interest in Taichi inorder to better understand, combine and use both the soft and the hard. In order to do this he
began studying under the famous Chen Style Taichi Shifu Mr. Tian Xiuchen. Shifu Tian later introduced him to Shifu Feng Zhiqiang, and he studied under him until 1987. After that, he carefully studied Master Chen Zhaokui's remarkable internal martial art for the practicing and utilizing of Chen Style Taiji Quan.

"Due to my dedication I finally reached a high level I began to integrate Bagua, Chen Style Taiji, Huang Di Nei Jing, Anatomy and Qi Gong to form my unique style." - Grandmaster Xu Shi Xi

People often ask me "why I am still energetic to fight young opponents at the age of 60?" Actually this is all because I practice continuously during my early years. There are no secrets. I appreciate my martial art Teachers for the things that they had given to me. And I am willing to dedicate all of my knowledge to the next generation of Wushu students selflessly." - Grandmaster Xu Shi Xi

Grandmaster Xu Shi Xi's Yin Style Ba Gua Zhang Lineage is as follows:

Dong Hai Chuan 
Yin Fu 
Li Bao Sen 
Zhang Qing Lian 
Xu Shi Xi


Training with Grandmaster Xu Shi Xi you will learn and focus on practical fighting techniques and applications of the forms in traditional Chinese kung-fu. You will study with him Yin Style Baguazhang and Chen Style Taichi as well as grappling techniques. In addition to this for those who are more interested in Health & Longevity Grandmaster Xu has also something for you. Xu Shifu comes from a family steeped in TCM knowledge. He himself studies TCM and his knowledge of TCM is something that you can also learn. His vitality and energy is a testiment to his skills and knowledge of health & longevity.

Yin Style Baguazhang 

The circulum of Yin Style Baguazhang is split into three broad categories. The Martial, Medical, Qi Cultivation.

Yin style baguazhang was founded by Dong Haichuan’s senior student, Yin Fu. It has precise theory and methods, a well-knit structure, abundant content and a strong technical quality. The fighting theory, postures, usage, outward appearance, and internal developmental methods all originate from and accord with the Book of Changes. Yin style bagua is well known amongst all bagua styles as the “hard palm.” Its movements are fierce and vigorous, utilizing penetrating palm point striking methods. Emphasizing direct force and having an abundant shaking strength, when the hands go out, Yin style is said to be “cold, crisp, and fast.” The primary hand form used in Yin style is known as the “ox tongue palm” (four fingers held out together, thumb tucked in). A natural stepping method is used. The main training methods are embodied in the four areas of “standing” (strengthening postures), “turning” (circle turning), “striking” (fighting techniques), and “changing.” Bagua stepping methods are emphasized along with single action and combined strike practice. Upon this foundation, set forms and weapons are trained. Yin style bagua, according to the symbolism and meaning of the eight trigrams, has eight animal systems. Each animal system has eight attack methods. Emphasis is placed on practicing in strict accord with the meaning and intent of the attack method. Each attack method has three foundational single action strikes and seven set forms with seven movements each.

Circulum in Brief 

- Yin-style Bagua 8 postures
- Yin-style Bagua 8 Palm Techniques
- Yin-style Bagua Zhang long form
- Yin-style Bagua Spear
- Yin-style Bagua Staff / Pole
- Yin-style Bagua Broadswords
- Yin-style Bagua Straight sword

Chen Style Taichi

Chen Style Tai Chi is amazingly beautiful to do and to watch when performed well. It is divided up into the Big Frame (Da Jia)and the Small Frame (Xiao Jia). The Da Jia is much more common and is itself divided into two branches: the Old Frame (Lao Jia) or orginal style and the New Frame (Xin Jia) created by Chen Fake. Chen Lao Jia and Xin Jia each consist of the First Way (Yi Lu) form which is more restrained and the Second Way (Er Lu) or Cannon form which is dramatically explosive.

Qin'na, TCM, Neigong, Health and Longevity

All training will include neigong and health and longevity as well as TCM practices and learnings.

Training Schedule:

Grandmaster Xu Shi Xi's normal training schedule is as follows:

(60 minutes per class / 4 classes per day / 20 classes per week) 14:00 to 19:00 (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday) however, additional lessons as well as private classes can be arranged on request.

Training takes place in one of Beijing's most famous Temple Parks. Entering by the East gate close to Tiantandongmen Subway Station Exit A. The class can be found in the Pine Forest at the Temple of Heaven. 

Training OptionPrice (land only)Trip StatusBook Now 
Short term students1 Class200 (CNY)
AliveBook Now
Mid term students1 Week680 (CNY)AliveBook Now
Long term students1 Month2080 (CNY)AliveBook Now

Grandmaster Xu Shi Xi prices differ for short term or long term students. Generally single classes for short term students are arranged at 200 rmb per 2 hours class. However week long training of up to 20 hours can be arranged for 680 rmb. 

NOTE: SMA Members and Students are afforded a small discount for booking their training through StudyMartialArts.Org 

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