Sifu Mark Rasmus teaches high level courses in Taichi and Metaphysics in Chiang Mai, Thailand. With vast teaching experience and a deep knowledge of Hermetics, Metaphyics, Martial Arts and Taichi. Sifu Rasmas course begin an awakening and are suitable for beginner but are primarily aimed at intermediate and experienced martial arts instructors and masters.

Special Skills: Ability and willingness to teach and share openly high level Taichi concepts and principles.

Facilities: Out door and indoor training facilities.


Sifu Mark Rasmus teaches high level courses in Taichi and Metaphyics and Hermetics in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Many of his courses are designed for Martial Arts teachers and are advanced courses so a good foundation in martial arts is essential. Based in Chiang Mai Thailand Sifu Mark Rasmus regularly travels the world teaching openly high level Taichi and meditation skills and encourages all those he teaches to do the same. Sifu Mark Rasmus willingly opens the doors for you to realize the true nature of internal power.

Sifu Mark Rasmus offers course in Yang Style Taichi, Advanced Metaphyics and Advanced Alchemic Training. Further details of these courses can be found under the Training Tab below. 

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  • Thailand, Chiang Mai
  • Spiritual Arts, Martial Arts, Healing Arts
  • Qigong
  • Qigong
  • Spartan to Luxury
  • 2 out of 5
  • Paid TEFL Internship Thailand
  • - Tuition only
  • - Accommodation - Food - Travel - Visa - Motorbike hire

Important Reminder

Sifu Mark Rasmus is an excellent teacher of high level skills. To get the most out of learning with him a certain level of experience and dedication is required. All principles taught are useful and transferable. A training discount is available only when you book through us.

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Studying with Sifu Mark Rasmus
Submitted on 06/25/2014 by David Kelly | Yes, I would recommend this experience
10 / 10
Overall Rating

Studying with Sifu Mark Rasmus was an amazing experience. Sifu Rasmus is a willing and gracious teacher who never holds knowledge back. He was able to demystify and effectively teach the basics of Taiji Fajin to me in a very short period of time even though I didn't have a background in Taiji. His teaching method and syllabus is comprehensive and detailed yet he managed to cover so much in a short time. One of the best things about Sifu Rasmus is that he has a background in a number of martial arts so was able to show me how I could use the principles of Taichi to enhance my existing martial arts practice. The whole experience was something that I would highly recommend and is one I will definitely repeat in the future. My only regret is that I was not able to study longer with him in this my first visit.
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Sifu Mark Rasmus is one of the few people in the world to openly and unreservedly teach and share the Taichi, Hermetic and the Metaphysical Knowledge that he has developed over decades of study. The courses Sifu Mark Rasmus offers are designed to give participants a depth of understanding and knowledge quickly. Most people who attend his courses are teachers, coaches, advanced or internal martial artists. However, the courses are also open to everyone willing to learn with an open heart.

Sifu Rasmus is currently based in Chiang Mai where he has built a world class retreat. Students who attend his course in not only get high level tuition. But also can absorb and learn high level universal principles and concepts in a beautiful peaceful environment. Accommodation costs range from $8 usd per night to $20 usd per night. In addition food is also cheap yet the quality is high.

In terms of what you will learn, you will learn skills that will forever enrich your life and connectivity. A large part of these learning will arise an awakening in participants.  

Students accepted by appointment only.


Sifu Mark Rasmus began martial arts training in the 70′s. By 1986 under the encouragement of his Wing Chun teacher, John Dugan, he opened his first school in Brisbane, Australia. After teaching his first class he knew this was his life’s path. In that same year he began his journey in Tai Chi Chuan. Sifu Rasmus also began the study of Hermetics under the tutelage of William Cook Edwards in the late 80′s. He was taught the Hermetic initiation process, evocation, quaballah, healing and tarot reading amongst other metaphysical teachings. In 1988 he opened a Tarot shop in Brisbane Australia, later moving to the Gold Coast, he worked as a clairvoyant and healer alongside teaching Hermetics and internal martial arts.

Today Sifu Rasmus is dedicated to refining internal martial arts teaching methods for a faster learning experience where all knowledge is shared openly.


Training with Sifu Mark Rasmus is an amazing experience. As a teacher he is kind and patient. With his wealth of experience and vast knowledge students can expect to learn quickly many of the principles and concepts that often take much longer to grasp.
Sifu Rasmus offers the following courses in Susan Pailom, Chiang Mai:

Yang Style Taich Quan

 - Qigong
 - 5 Loosening Exercises
 - 37 Taichi Short Form
 - 18 Push Hands Exercises
 - Applications
 - Fajin Covering Over 20 Intrinsic Energies
 - Alchemy & Higher Energy Awareness

Advanced Metaphysics Training

This course is designed for martial arts teachers wishing to penetrate deeper into the laws of the universe. It is open to all who wish to attend. It covers the essence of inner energy work laying a solid foundation for all future training in martial arts, healing and other metaphysical training systems.

 DAY 1

 - 7 Hermetic Laws
 - Foundations of Concentration Using 3 Methods
 - Introspection - Fundamentals of Esoteric Psychology
 - Feeling Life Force
 - Cultivating Life Force

 - Applications
 - Loading Life Force into Food & Water
- Producing Fajin (isuing energy)


 - The Power of Visualization
 - Energy & Personality Transformation
 - How to Access the Unconcious Mind
 - Advanced Fajin Methods


 - Mental Transference
 - Cultivating Fire Element
 - Cultivating Air Element
 - Cultivating Water Element
 - Cultivating Earth Element
 - Applying the Elements to Fajin


 - Cultivating the 4 Elements in the 4 Regions
 - Cultivating Akasha
 - Applying Akasha to Fajin
DAY 5 
 - Meditation on the 3 Bodies
 - 3 Transformations Life Force (Jin) To Astral Energy (Qi) Astral Energy to Spirit (Shen) Spirit to Emptyness
 - Understanding Universal Light, Universal Mind & Emptiness
 - Becoming a Channel for Universal Light
 - Applying 3 Transformations to Fajin
 - Opening Higher Intuition - Awakening the 3 Gates

All people who complete this course are encouraged to teach what they have learned openly

Note: 4 week course repeats the 1 week program, with increased focus on advanced alchemical training. 12 week course goes into greater depth on the 4 week course. 


Yang Style Taichi Quan Course

July – September 3 month Tai Chi Coaching Course (last course of this type) future Tai Chi coaching courses will be 30 days and same pricing US$4000 per person

Advanced Metaphysics Training Course

5 day – 30 hour Metaphysics Coaching Course: Group lessons $1000 per person. Return students, half price. Private lessons $2000. Return students, half price.


5 day: 30,000 baht/approximately US$990
4 week: 60,000 baht/approximately US$1990
12 week: 120,00 baht/approximately US$3990 returning students, half price.
NOTE: 4 week course repeats the 1 week program, with increased focus on advanced alchemical training. 12 week course goes into greater depth on the 4 week course.

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