An Wushu International Martial Arts School offers both full-time and part-time classes to both Chinese and international students with the international students primarily being taught by An Jian Qiu a provincial and national wushu champion and expert Bajiquan Master.

Facilities: both indoor and outdoor training facilities as well as the use of weapons, accommodation and food. 


An Wushu International Martial Arts School is a kung fu school that is steeped in family tradition. Located in Prefactured City of Dezhou within Shandong Province the school is just two hours from the capital Beijing by fast train. Dezhou and An Wushu International Martial Arts School is therefore easily accessible. The school offers both full-time and part-time classes to both Chinese and international students with the international students primarily being taught by An Jian Qiu.

Teaching at the school takes place in a picturesque setting and there is both indoor and outdoor training facilities. The school offers local and international students a warm welcome and is ideal for those who are serious about studying martial arts and Chinese culture. The school can cater for long term students with accommodation and food on site. Intensive and focused training camps for instructors and experienced students are offered annually in Xingyi, Bagua, Bajiquan, Hard Qigong and Fali and Fajin. For full-details and to book your place use the book now button.

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School Training

At An Wushu International Martial Arts School you can study Baji, Bagua, Xingyi, Shaolin Kung Fu, Pigua, Liuhe, Sanda and traditional Chinese wrestling. Classes run from Monday to Friday, with optional extra classes on Saturday and Sunday. Most of the training for international students will be conducted by An Jian Qiu as he is the schools headmaster. However, on occasions An Jian Qiu's father will also teach students. One of the most important characteristics of An Wushu is that each student will receive personal training plans depending on his/her requirements. In addition every movement in every traditional form taught by the An family has an application these fighting applications should be learned with the martial arts forms. Sparing at the school is included in the training and should be light and safe.

The following principles should be adhered to when studying and training at this school:

1. It has to look beautiful! Each movement from the forms must harmoniously combine hand, eye, body and leg movements. It should be natural.
2. Every movement has to be applicable in a real fight. And every movement or set of movements has to be variable, which means that depending on how your opponent attacks; each movement has to have several variations so you can adapt to the attacker’s movement. Special attention will be payed to these variations. Only in this way, the applications in traditional Kung Fu can be “flexible”, so that they can be used in a real fight!

3. Every martial art practiced at the school, every form and even every single movement has a principle that represents Chinese traditional culture. When one trains the An family’s Kung Fu, he or she will slowly learn more and more principles and gradually discover the true meaning of traditional Chinese Kung Fu. Through tough training, one will truly feel and respect the relationship between man, nature and the universe, which is the true purpose of learning Chinese Kung Fu.

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Optional Extra Classes

You will be taught Yiquan, taiji, qigong and meditation basics/methods soon after arrival at the school, and will be expected to practice these by yourself during your Saturday and Sunday rest period to help your body to recover for the following week

Daily Life at the School

Daily life at the school is quiet. Although the school is in the city it is located in an area of cultural interest and heritage. As a result there are a number of beautiful open spaces in which students can train. Dezhou City itself is fairly small in Chinese terms and is famous for solar energy and the food speciality black chicken. 

The cost of visa extensions will vary for students according to their nationality, length of stay and the type of visa they hold. 

Monthly internet costs for students who have internet in their rooms is 160 (CNY) per month, however be warned the internet signal is not fast.

Inside the school you will find all the training equipment you will need such as weapons, pads, conditioning equipment and punch bags. The whole area is padded so suitable to work on takedowns or ground fighting if you so wish.  

• Dezhou East Railway Station is (314km) from Beijing South Railway Station and easily reached by fast train. The train from Beijing to Dezhou takes approximately 1hr 20mins. 

• Pick up from Dezhou East Railway Station is free for long-term students.

School profile

  • China, Shandong
  • Martial Arts
  • Baguazhang, Taichi Quan, Sanda, Baji Quan, Xingyi Quan, Traditional Training
  • Spartan
  • 3 out of 5
  • Students under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • July, August, September
  • Long term training at the school can be combined with one of An Wushu's intensive Training Camps.
  • - Tuition - Use of conditioning tools & weapons - 3 meals per day - Water - Pickup from Dezhou East Railway Station - An Wushu t-shirt - 12 month students - custom kung fu suit
  • - Chinese Visa Extensions - International & Domestic Travel - Internet Access ¥600/year - Personal Spending

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Important Reminder

To benefit from our exclusive deals and travel service you must book your training through us. Use the book now button, or contact us directly via SKYPE if you want an instant assistance. Our current offers include 2 nights free accommodation in Beijing which is perfect for traveling to this school.

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Once in a lifetime experience
Submitted on 09/25/2014 by | Yes, I would recommend this experience
8 / 10
Overall Rating

Hmmm, which bits to mention from a whole year... Key facts about me for context: I went when I was 18, so I had done (essentially) no serious training before I went, and I have not trained at any other schools in China. In my experience of Kung Fu in England I had done no sparring practise and I have no experience of a real fight to this day (lucky me!).

So in summary, it was all new to me! I went there to learn Baji Quan and San Da An Jian Qiu's teaching style is to emphasise the importance of basics, so for the first 4 months or so of my years training I spent every day working on basics of one sort or another. This took the form of extensive stretching throughout the day, holding stances, meditation and Qi Gong, learning/performing simple movements and drills (progressing from snail-slow to as powerful as possible) and very simple sparring/reaction drills. Though this may sound scary I am immensely grateful for the huge amount of time and effort spent on my basics, by both myself and my master in correcting me, because this is where I learnt my most important lesson; practise makes perfect.

An Jian Qiu made very clear the importance of establishing a strong foundation from day 1 and echoed this sentiment throughout the year, and this is why I judge his teaching to be exceptional as it would have been far easier for him to merely appease me by hurrying through a new form every other week and just allow me to think I was doing great. As he became happy with my progress, forms and full sparring were gradually introduced and the rest of my year was spent learning 3 Baji forms (in HUGE detail, I mean I literally wrote myself a book), the applications of the moves and then starting to work them into my fighting reactions.

1 year is a short time in which to do all of this, so my take home message was to ALWAYS work on my basics and aim to include these new techniques into my reactions slowly, as my training at home continued and developed. But my time in Dezhou was much more than my training. This year was made so much better by, first, An Shifu himself. He is an incredibly kind and funny person, and given that I went by myself I really valued that I could finish most training sessions laughing. Also, he is single handedly responsible for getting me speaking (some) chinese within 5 months or so, which was an amazing experience. I don’t know that he would want to do exactly the same for huge groups of people, but he seems happy to make any reasonable effort to make you feel at home. But otherwise, it was just a nice time for me. I loved being able to go buy my own meals (everything was delicious), I made a few really good friends, and I had some brilliant opportunities throughout the year to do everything from visit my friends English class to becoming involved with some filming for SMA.

I would like to make clear to anyone thinking of staying for a long time though: It is tough. No doubt I made HUGE improvements, but I know inside that I could have done a lot more. An Shifu always gave me very detailed training plans and made sure to correct me at every stage, but ultimately when you are asked to do something 1000 times it’s on you, and honestly sometimes I quit. An Jian Qiu has too much respect for his adult students to physically force you to work harder, he can only advise and motivate. For this reason I would strongly suggest either going with a friend or trying to coincide your stay with other long term students (unless of course you are sure of your own resolve!).

I definitely have no regrets, I just know I could have done more if I’d had a close friend taking the journey with me. So in conclusion, I couldn’t recommend the experience more. I feel that what I learnt was taught carefully and genuinely, An Jian Qiu and his family were always kind and welcoming, and the family style is just mind blowingly awesome! I’ve just got to work out how and when I can go back...
SMA Feedback
Website Rating

An Wushu
Submitted on 06/08/2014 by David Kelly | Yes, I would recommend this experience
9 / 10
Overall Rating

For 1 week I studied with An Shifu and his father at An Wushu. For this week I practiced diligently alongside both Western and Chinese students. As I was only going to be at the school a week I stuck to the task of working on the basics. This was something I enjoyed immensely. As a teacher An Shifu is very attentive and detailed. As a result the speed at which I progressed was accelerated.

Accommodation is not provided by the school however, with the help of StudyMartialArts.Org I was able to secure accommodation very cheaply at a conveniently located hotel. The cost for the hotel worked out to be around 300 rmb per night. The hotel was clean and was a twin room so could have easily been split with another student. It was just what I needed as a place to relax and rest after a hard days training.

Food for the week was easily bought at a local shop or a local restaurant. An Shifu always made sure I had enough to eat and he took me to lots of excellent and cheap restaurants where I filled up on dumpling and other delicious foods. Apart from the training, one of the highlights of the trip was when I was invited to An Shifu's house where his mother cooked a magnificent dinner and we talked, shared a little baijiu and I learned about the families martial arts heritage.
SMA Feedback
Yes, I would definitely recommend booking through SMA
Booking & Consultation Rating

Support Rating

Website Rating

Booking through SMA was simple and cheap. The website lays out all the information I needed and they made everything hassle free. They even helped arrange the accommodation, something that was one of my biggest worries!
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wushu martial arts trainingwushu kung fu  

An Wushu International Martial Arts School is a family run school in which Shifu An Jian Qiu is the headmaster. Shifu An is the 5th generation inheritor of his families kung fu tradition. These styles include: Baji Quan, Xingyi Quan, Baguazhang, Taiji, Liuhe Quan, and Piguazhang. In addition to this hard qigong is also taught.

In addition to this at the school students can learn the families own Baji Da Zhuang Fa (fighting methods), Iron Palm techniques Sanda and other sport combat systems.

AJian Qiu is a real pleasure to learn from. His energy, speed and power are inspirational and the precise way that he focus on each detail make learning from him very rewarding and worth while.

As a Shifu he is very relaxed and very caring. He always does his best to make sure his students are comfortable, well fed and safe. At present he continues to primarily teach in Dezhou but also regularly visits Germany and Switzerland for Seminars. Please feel free to message us at StudyMartialArts.Org should you require more details.

The Location of the school in Dezhou offers convenient access from Beijing. Situated in a beautiful public park the school has both indoor and outdoor facilities and ample space for training forms, conditioning or sparing.

Accommodation and food is available for both long and short term students. Students should however, book in advance as places are limited and will be reserved for longer term students. 

wushu shaolin kung futhe art of wushu 

AJian Qiu is the fifth generation inheritor of An family martial arts. His Great-great grandfather was a master of Shaolin Kung Fu. His knowledge was then passed onto An Jian Qiu's Great grandfather who studied Baji Quan, Xingyi Quan, Baguazhang, Taiji, Liuhe Quan, Piguazhang, acupuncture and Taoist Qigong.

An Jian Qiu's grandfather not only studied from his father but also studied other forms of Baji Quan and Xingyi Quan with a number of other famous masters. Under his fathers tutelage and under these other masters he studied hard. He perfected Iron Palm techniques and also created the An family "Baji Da Zhuang Fa" (Baji fighting methods). All this was then passed onto An Jian Qiu's father, a student of Mongolian wrestling and "Beijing Speed Wrestling".

All this family tradition and aquired martial arts knowledge has been passed to An Jian Qiu who himself has aquired more martial arts knowledge as part of the Shandong Provincial Sanda team. As well as studying Sanda An Jian Qiu has also studied Muay Thai and Boxing. All these new aquired sports combat skills he has fused with his traditional martial arts heritage. 

kung fu and wushuwhat is wushu martial artsshaolin kung fu wushu Class Schedules can be seen below.  
Monday – Friday 
  • 6:30-8:30: Basics (stances, stretching etc. +style specific basics), body strengthening, body hardening 
  • 8:30-9:30: Breakfast and rest 
  • 9:30-12:00: Fight skills- Form applications, reflex training, traditional fighting, sanda sparring, traditional wrestling 
  • 12:00-3:00: Lunch and rest 
  • 3:00-5:30: Traditional forms (Baji, Bagua, Xingyi, Pigua, Shaolin, Liuhe etc. ) 

NB:// If just studying sanda/Traditional wrestling 3:00-5:30 is also spent practicing basics and fight skills
  • 8:30-11:00: Fitness training and sparring Afternoon: Rest + Yiquan, taiji, qigong and meditation 
All Day: Rest + Yiquan, taiji, qigong and meditation
NB:// You will be taught Yiquan, taiji, qigong and meditation basics/methods soon after arrival at the school, and will be expected to practice these by yourself during your Saturday and Sunday rest period to help your body to recover for the following week.
Private classes (to be booked on Mondays for the following week)
  • Thursday: 7:30-9:30pm 
  • Sunday: 10:00-12:00pm
An Wushu International Martial Arts School

Application/Booking fee - $100

If you want to study at An Wushu International Martial Arts School there is a non refundable application and booking fee of $100 USD. This should be paid prior to your arrival at the school. With StudyMartialArts.Org you can pay your application/booking fee via paypal or international bank transfer. The remainder of your fees must be paid direct to the school within 7 days of your arrival. If you wish to pay your full fee in advance of your arrival, international bank transfer must be the method of payment used. Details of this will be provided on request.

We advise students to budget for, personal spending and the cost of Travel and Chinese Visa extensions. The cost of visa extensions will vary according to nationality and length of stay. Visa assitance will be given to SMA students.

Private lessons: 1. Traditional wushu – 180 Yuan per hours 2. Sanda / Traditional Chinese Wrestling – 240 Yuan per hour ( Intensive training; An jian Qiu personally sparring with you )
School PricingCNYTotal
1 Month¥ 6,750
¥ 6,750
2 Months¥ 6,750
¥ 13,500
3 Months¥ 6,500
¥ 19,500
4 Months¥ 6,500
¥ 26,000
5 Months¥ 6,500
¥ 32,500
6 Months¥ 6,300
¥ 37,800
7 Months¥ 6,300
¥ 44,100
8 Months¥ 6,300
¥ 50,400
9 Months¥ 6,300
¥ 56,700
10 Months¥ 6,300
¥ 63,000
11 Months¥ 6,300
¥ 69,300
12 Months¥ 5,850
¥ 70,200
3 Months
6 Months
SMA PRICE INC. Accomodation
600 (CNY)
  Per Day
On request
1st year2nd year3rd year4th year5th year


Personal Spending and Visa extenstions 

Food is very cheap if you cook for yourself or eat out. Visa extensions are the main thing you must budget for. At StudyMartialArts.Org we will use our expertise and connections to find you the best option possible to reduce this cost. 

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