Baji Zhandao London is the UK headquarters for Master Chen Fusheng's Traditional Martial Arts School. The lead instructor of this school Fane Hervey is Master Chen's number one and longest serving apprentice (徒弟). At this school you will receive training in traditional Chinese combat arts and neigong.

Facilities: Include both indoor and outdoor locations at a Studio in 229 Great Portland Street and Battersea Park.


Baji Zhandao London was set up by Master Chen’s top disciple for the purpose of teaching this unique system. Baji Zhandao is the main system taught at this school and is a modern day evolution of a number of traditional Chinese martial arts styles. Created and developed by Grandmaster Chen Fusheng over the last 12 years this art is combative, practical, and instinctual in form and application. 

At the school there is particular emphasis on knife and gun disarming, fighting multiple attackers, and using the entire body as a weapon to defend yourself.  Here you can explore some of the more traditional and real techniques of other ancient styles that form the basis of Baji Zhandao. These include, Kiamen Baji Quan, Piqua, Xing-yi quan, Bagua Zhang, Tai Chi Quan, Tong Bei Quan, Hei Hu Quan, Gong Li, and Tang Lang Quan (aka Praying Mantis fist). 

Particular emphais at this schools is placed on hand to hand techniques, martial qi gong (meditation and energy development), ancient forms of martial conditioning, forms and drills for perfecting movement, mobility and flexibility and the following weapons: Staff, spear, straight sword, sabre, axe, hammer, rope and needle.

In addition to training in Chinese traditional arts both modern and ancient, the school also explores two other arts and disciplines that have emerged from the battlefields of Asia, namely the nine schools of Bujinkan Taijutsu and the Russian Martial Art of Systema. 

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  • Baguazhang, Taichi Quan, Baji Quan, Qigong, Baji Zhandao, Martial Qigong, Tong Bei, Qinna, Xingyi Quan
  • Acupressure, TCM, Neigong, Fitness
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  • Training with Fane can be combined with Corrective Exercises, Personal Fitness Training, and Traditional Chinese Medicine on request.
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Learn Traditional Chinese Martial Arts in London
Submitted on 09/26/2017 by David Kelly | Yes, I would recommend this experience
10 / 10
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Over the years I have trained regularly with Fane Hervey. That experience has always been enjoyable, challenging and emensely rewarding. Having trained in China under various masters I am happy to say that Fane is both more skilled and knowledgable than many I have met to date. His skill and ability is testament to that. If you would like to experience real Chinese Martial Arts that are practical and effective look no further.
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The School offers students the chance to learn Baji Zhandao, moving, standing and sitting neigong practices and Bujinkan Taijutsu and the Russian Martial Art of Systema. All of the arts taught at this school are derive from combat systems that have been developed for the battlefield. They are non-competitive and therefore are never restricted by rules or regulations. They have all evolved from their old forms into modern, living, breathing arts that are suitable for today’s conflicts, while remaining true to their many years of heritage. All three investigate complex biomechanical movements that teach practitioners how to manipulate an opponent(s) with relative ease and with a calm mind. All three are indeed unique from one another in their methods, but all three also have many elements that compliment one another very well.

The main art taught 
at the school is Baji Zhandao. It was created and developed by Grandmaster Chen Fusheng over the last 12 years. Chen Fusheng is an ex Chinese Special Forces instructor and a high level traditional Chinese Folk and Iron Shirt Master who's feats for qigong remain unbroken. The other arts taught at the school also have an equally distinguished lineage. As head instructor Fane Hervey continues to train regularly in Japan studying Bujinkan Ninjutsu with Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi and other Shihan (masters) from this discipline. Fane is also a keen practitioner of Russian Systema and has spent up to 3 months at a time in Moscow training with Mikhail Ryabko and his top students. The quality of training and tuition found at this school is particularly high.

The classes are held indoors at a Studio in 229 Great Portland St and also outdoors at Battersea Park.


Fane Hervey began learning martial arts as a child at age 7, but he did not take training seriously until he reached 18, which is when he said his training began in earnest! Fane is the first disciple of Grandmaster Chen Fu Sheng of Beijing. He has studied exclusively with Master Chen for a number of years in China and in 2007 he was given special permission to teach Master Chen's Zhandao system.

Prior to training with Master Chen, Fane had attained yondan (4th degree black belt) in Bujinkan Ninjutsu and he has traveled a number of times to Japan to train with Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi and other Shihan (masters) for this discipline. Fane is also a keen practitioner of Russian Systema and has spent up to 3 months at a time in Moscow training with Mikhail Ryabko and his top students.


Zhandao Syllabus 
The Zhandao syllabus focuses primarily on the eight pillars of Zhandao practice:
• Nei gong (standing meditation),
• Iron Shirt Conditioning for taking impact,
• Iron Palm Conditioning for delivering impact,
• Applications for defence and counter-attacks,
• Ji Ben Gong (Basic movements and drills),
• Duida (2 person forms for training sensitivity),
• Taolu (single person forms for training dynamic movement),
• Modern Weapons training (both for use and defence against, i.e. blades and firearms, plus improvised weaponry).

This is designed to create a complete system of both internal and external benefits, for both health and survival, for creating inner calm and defeating outer conflict. There are 8 grades in the system before reaching instructor level. This is considered a completion of the basic training. It is at black sash that the real training begins!!! Before that, the student should know a number of adaptable variations to defend themselves, or others, from all types of attack in all realistic environments. However, since Zhandao consists of many aspects of other older styles, in order to fully comprehend the essenses of Zhandao, there is the opportunity to learn the classical martial arts that make up the system as well, including forms, applications and weapons. The styles that can be taught are listed below.

Baji Zhandao Forms: 
• Ji Ben Gong (Basics and Drills)
• Yi Zhan (Form 1)
• Er Zhan (Form 2)
• San Zhan (Form 3)
• Si Zhan (Form 4)
• Wu Zhan (Form 5)
• Liu Zhan (Form 6)
• Zuo Zhan (Sitting form)
• Dao Zhan (Knife form)
• Duida (Two person form)
• Nei Gong Sets


More classical forms and schools that can be learned along with the spear, dao, and jin are as follows: 

• Kaimen Baji Quan - Dongmen and Hebei styles
• Piqua Zhang
• Tong Bei Quan
• Xingyi Quan - 5 elements style
• Bagua Zhang - Cheng Style
• Tai Chi - Yang Style and Chen Style

All practitioners are required to pay annual club membership: £30 (The membership includes full student insurance cover for the year - The first class does not involve paying annual club membership).

The cost of grading up to black sash is £20 per grade. Students are graded approximately every 3 months or 24 classes attended, but this is greatly dependent on ability. There are 8 grades to achieve before black sash. Blue sash & Red Sash, the pre-penultimate & penultimate grade respectively, before black sash, denote assistant instructor levels.

Single Class:

• £15 

Block Buy Discounts: 

• 10 classes: £120 (£12 per class) 

• 20 classes: £200 (£10 per class)

Students & Unemployed (evidence required): 

• £5


A typical class involves 2 hours of standing meditation, ironshirt/palm conditioning, form practice, self-defence drills, weapons handling & applications, massage, stretching and exercise. It is a complete system of internal & external health.

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