Fuzhou Ziranmen Academy teaches a comprehensive circulum of Ziranmen Kung Fu. The Academy is under the direction of Grandmaster Lu Yaoqin a 26 year disciple of Wan Laisheng. Students who attend this school are renowned for their skill in Ziranmen.

Facilities: Out door training facilities,  traditional conditioning equipment and weapons.


The Fuzhou Ziranmen Academy was opened by Grandmaster Lu Yaoqin under the direction of Grandmaster Wan Lisheng. Grandmaster Lu is currently the president of several organizations pertaining to Martial Arts and Chinese medicine including the International Ziranmen Wushu Federation.

The Fuzhou Ziranmen Academy accepts dedicated medium to long term students who are interested in combining a Chinese language course at a local university or school with their Martial Arts Training.

If you would like further independant information on your travel and training options email us or alternatively speak to a SMA representative now via SKYPE or telephone.

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  • China, Fujian
  • Martial Arts, Chinese Language
  • Ziranmen Kung Fu, Traditional Training
  • Spartan
  • 3 out of 5
  • March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
  • Can be combined with language learning in Fuzhou.
  • - Tuition - SMA assistance - Use of conditioning tools & weapons
  • - Chinese Visa - International & Domestic Travel - Accommodation - Water & Food

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At this school Grandmaster Lu Yaoqin teaches students Ziranmen Kung fu, Longevity Qigong and Zhang Sanfeng Taijiquan. Grandmaster Lu is also an expert in bone injury treatment, tuina (massage) therapy and qigong therapy. In the beginning students will focus on getting a solid foundation in Ziranmen kung fu in both theory and practice.

Grandmaster Lu Yaoqin Linage is as follows. Wan Lai Sheng, Zhao Xin Zhou, Du Xin Wu, Liu Bai Chuan and Liu Sheng Xian. Grandmaster Lu is one of Wan Lisheng's top disciples. He has been teaching Ziranmen for over two decades and opened the Fuzhou Ziranmen Academy under the direction of Grandmaster Wan Lisheng. Grandmaster Lu is the president of several organizations pertaining to the martial arts and Chinese medicine including the International Ziranmen Wushu Federation.

Studying with Grandmaster Lu Yaoqin. Grandmaster Lu Yaoqin only wishes to teach those who are prepared to work hard and commit to serious study. Prospective students should expect to train 4-6 hours each day for a minimum of one year and combine this with a Chinese language course. This ensures his students get the most out of their training and have a solid foundation in Ziranmen Kung Fu and the Chinese Language. This opportunity is perfect for those who wish to study martial arts throughout their lives.

The  Locations for training will be in and around the City of Fuzhou. These will be the local public parks as is the tradition. The class currently train in a number of parks within 5 minutes walking distance from Grandmasters Lu Yaoqin's house.  

The Accommodation options for training with Grandmaster Lu will include the local University accommodation, private sharing or non-sharing. It will be up to students who wish to learn from Grandmaster Lu Yaoqin to secure this. StudyMartialArts.Org will assist you in any way possible.  

Work Teaching English as a foreign language in Fuzhou is very easy to secure. This will help students willing to work while studying Ziranmen Kung Fu and the Chinese Language the opportunity to earn money for living expenses. If students require teaching work please discuss this with one of our SMA representatives.


Grandmaster Lu Yaoqin was born in October, 1949 in Fuzhou, Fujian, China. He began his study of martial arts at a very young age with the legendary Ziranmen Grandmaster Wan Laisheng. As a direct disciple for 26 years, he received comprehensive and genuine teachings from Grandmaster Wan. Master Lu is specialized in Ziranmen kungfu, Longevity Qigong and Zhang Sanfeng Taijiquan. Master Lu is also an expert in bone injury treatment, tuina (massage) therapy and qigong therapy.

In 1989, Lu represented his aged master, Wan Laisheng, to demonstrate Zhang Sanfeng Taijiquan in the Fujian Province Traditional Fist Competition and received high recognition. The competition was the first of its kind for representatives of all fist styles to demonstrate the most advanced levels of their skills. It was a highly regarded event to all related parties. In October 1989, Master Lu attended the Martial Arts Contest between Mainland China and Taiwan with Grandmaster Wan in Xiamen and exchanged views and discussions about the development of martial arts on both straits.

In 1990, Master Lu participated in the Sino-Japanese Martial Arts Demonstration. He demonstrated Liuhe Quan (chi kau lian quan), which thoroughly displayed the charisma of Ziranmen and received widespread acclaim. His demonstration was reported with photographic coverage in various newspapers and magazines in Mainland China and Hong Kong. In 1993, Master Lu led his students to participate in the International Martial Arts Competition and won five gold medals. During the past decades, Master Lu has participated in numerous domestic and overseas martial arts competitions and martial arts cultural exchange activities and received various awards and medals, contributing greatly to the development of martial arts.

In 1986, Master Lu founded the Natural Style Martial Arts Academy in Fuzhou, which name was personally inscribed by Grandmaster Wan Laisheng. He also opened classes for bone injury treatment, tuina massage, qigong and dianxue (striking vital points) therapy in joint efforts with the Bone Injury Faculty of the Fujian Chinese Medicine School.

Over the years, Master Lu has trained thousands of outstanding talents, laying a strong foundation for the succession of Ziranmen in the generations to come, and fulfilling the final wish of Grandmaster Wan. Many domestic and overseas newspapers and magazines, including Contemporary Dictionary for Chinese Martial Arts, Zhonghua Wushu Magazine, Wulin Magazine, Fujian Daily News, Fuzhou Evening News, Overseas Chinese News of Fujian, Karate Magazine (Japan) and various professional publications, have reported stories about Master Lu.

Grandmaster Lu Yaoqin is:
National Martial Arts Judge, Level A
Principal of the Natural Style Martial Arts Academy, Fuzhou City, China
Council member of the Fujian Provincial Martial Arts Council, China
Council member of the Institute of Human Body Science, Fuzhou City, China
Council member of the Research Institute of Qigong Science, Fuzhou City, China
The fourth generation successor of Ziranmen, direct disciple of Ziranmen Kungfu Grandmaster Wan Laisheng


Training. Training with Grandmaster Lu Yaoqin will include one on one tuition and class training. In addition students will be expected to train by themselves on their own time. The following details the Ziranmen circulum that students are expected to follow.

Training takes place at Grandmaster Lu's house and Yu Mountain near the masters home. Classes normally begin at 6pm and finish at 10pm.    

The Circulum. Ziranmen Kung Fu is a rare and unique traditional martial art that includes methods of flexibility, nei gong, self defense, forms, weapons, and body conditioning. It calls for the use of the entire body in an integrated way that exercises and strengthens all the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Basics form the foundation of Kung fu with methods of stretching, strengthening and coordination for the body. Practices like stretch kicks for flexibility, stance holding for strength and linked movements while stepping for overall body coordination form an important part of what is known as basics. The next level includes generating force exercises, sensitivity drills and basic martial theory.

Hand Forms will be taught to students in a sequence of offensive, defensive & transitional movements that are linked together to serve as a systems library for combat application, strengthening, and overall body coordination. Forms are usually very specific as to the type of skill one is to derive such as for example basic hand moves, continuous attack strategy or special footwork. Forms can be as short as 13 movements to as long as 108 movements.

1. Ying Yong Quan – Basic Fist
2. Liu He Quan – Six Harmony Fist
3. Wu Yan Xing Quan – Five Swallow form Fist
4. Qing Long Quan – Green Dragon Fist
5. Hei Hu Quan – Black Tiger Fist
6. Zi Mu Lian Huan Quan – Mother Son Interlocking Fist
7. Xiao Luohan – Small Arhat
8. Jian Hua Tai Ji Quan – Simplified Taiji Fist
9. Zhang San Feng Tai Ji Quan

Weapons Training then takes what one develops in hand forms to another level. The added extension and weight forces one to emphasize projection in movements, which naturally benefits the hand forms as well. As for the practical question, movements of staff and spear can be applied to broom stick or cue, while sword movements can be used with an umbrella or cane.

1. Ying Yong Gun – Basic Staff
2. Feng Huang Jin Chi Dan Dao – Phoenix Golden Wing Broadsword
3. Ba Xian Jian – Eight Immortal Straightsword
4. Jiu Zhou Gun – Nine Province Staff
5. Liu He Qiang – Six Harmony Spear
6. Kun Wu Jian – Kun Wu Straightsword
7. Dui Pi Jian – Two Person Splitting Straightsword
8. Xiao Kan Dao – Small Chopping Broadsword
9. Ba Gua Lian Huan Jian – Bagua Interlocking Straightsword

Two Man Forms along with two man combat drills, bridge the middle area between solo Forms and actual fighting. They allow one to apply and understand the fighting movements one has trained in the solo forms in a controlled environment. With time training, these responses go from unnatural to natural, from the un-spontaneous, to the spontaneous.

1. Tao Liu Chui Fa– Six Set Hammer Method/Arm Drill
2. Ba Bu Gou – Eight Step Hook
3. Chi Kao Lian Quan – Red Bottom Interlocking Fist
4. Qin Na – Capturing (Joint Locks)
5. Kong Shou Duo Dao – Barehand verses Broadsword
6. Da Dao Na Qiang – Broadsword Seizes Spear
7. Dui Pi Jian – Two Person Splitting Straightsword

Qi gong. Qi means ‘air’, ‘breath of life’ or ‘vital energy of the body’ and Gong means ‘skill derived through time and effort’. It is a practice that combines relaxation techniques, deep breathing exercises, mental concentration, and physical movement for enhanced energy, health and overall harmony of mind-body-spirit.

1. Nei Quan Shou - Inner Circle Hand
2. Ba Duan Jin - Eight Brocade Silk Reeling
3. Shaolin Ba Shi - Eight Forms of Shaolin
4. Hua Tuo Wu Qin Xi - Hua Tuo's Five Animal Play
5. Qian Ba Zuan - 1008 Movement

Conditioning is an intermediate level practice where one develops external force and special skills through the use of unique equipment such as sandbags, bamboo, iron balls, iron arm rings, and large baskets. Some of these practices are designed to develop light skill, like agility for body movement, and others to develop hard skill, like strengthening the ligaments and bones for striking. Practices are done very softly and repetitively without the use of hard force.

1. Shang Zhuang - Body Stump
2. Zou Bo Luo - Walking Around the Basket
3. Zi Mu Qiu - Son and Mother Ball
4. Yuan Yang Huan - Paired Rings
5. Hu Kou Bang - Tiger Mouth Cudgel
6. Tie Sha Bao - Iron Sand Bag
7. Pian Ban - Kick Board
8. Dian Zhu - Drilling Bamboo Stems
9. San Jiao Zhuang - Triangular Tree Stumps
10. Dao Zhuang - Tree Stumps of Dao
11. Cha Sha - Driving Hands Into Sand
12. Dang Ban - Blocking Board
13. Di Ben Zi - Scurrying Quickly

Combat in Ziranmen. Ziranmen Kung Fu has a highly developed combat training system. During the first year the basic punch and kick are learned and assimilated into attack patterns. All other techniques are an extension of this foundation. Ziranmen puts an emphasis on the use of leg techniques although the first few years will be mostly devoted to punching and blocking.

StudyMartialArts.Org will give all serious students all the help and assistance they require to make the studying of this art possible. This is a fantastic opportunity to study a rare highly effective combat system from one of its top masters. For further information on studying with Grandmaster Lu Yaoqin contact us now.

Fuzhou Ziranmen Academy

Application/Booking fee - $150

If you want to study at the Fuzhou Ziranmen Academy there is a combined application and booking fee of $150 USD for international students. This should be paid prior to your arrival at the school. With StudyMartialArts.Org you can pay your application/booking fee via paypal or international bank transfer. The remainder of your fees must be paid direct to the school within 7 days of your arrival. If you wish to pay your full fee in advance of your arrival international bank transfer must be the method of payment used. Details provided on request.

We advise students to budget for their daily water, personal spending, internet access and the cost of Chinese Visa extensions. The cost of visa extensions will vary according to nationality and length of stay.
School PricingUSD
1 Month$ 315
¥ 2,000
2 Months$ 630
¥ 4,000
3 Months$ 945
¥ 6,000
4 Months$ 1,260
¥ 8,000
5 Months$ 1,575
¥ 10,000
6 Months$ 1,890
¥ 12,000
7 Months$ 2,205
¥ 14,000
8 Months$ 2,520
¥ 16,000
9 Months$ 2,835
¥ 18,000
10 Months$ 3,150
¥ 20,000
11 Months$ 3,465
¥ 22,000
12 Months$ 3,780
¥ 24,000
1,000 (CNY)
1 Week
10,000 (CNY)
6 Months
20,000 (CNY)
  12 Months
On request
1st year2nd year3rd year4th year5th year


- Internet Access

- Personal Spending 

- Visa Extensions

- Chinese Language Learning

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