Maitreya Buddha Temple located in South of China in Yunnan Province offers Traditional Shaolin Kung Training and a specialist Kung Fu for the Movies Course. In addition to that it also has extensive cultural classes for attending students that cover Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mandarin, Kung Fu Theory, Buddhism, Calligraphy, and Chinese Culture. Other benefits of attending this school include potential English Teaching work for 3+ month students or support and assistance to become a coach and represent the school in your home country. 

Facilities: The school has both indoor and outdoor training facilities, family rooms, bedding, linen, and towels.

The location of the school is definitely one of its highlights. Yunnan Province is one of the cleanest provinces in China therefore there is no pollution. Mile City where the school is located is a great place to visit and enjoy Hot Springs with medical properties. The location is open all year round and offers optimum training without harsh winters (summer max 32 degrees and winter not lower than 15 degrees). The food served at the school is of high quality compared to other kung fu schools and is organic as well as varied. The accommodation and all training is inside the Temple to convenient. You can experience living and eating with the monks of Maitreya Buddha Temple. There is only one school in the Temple therefore the environment is both tranquil and clean.


Maitreya Buddha Temple is an amazing place for foreign students to learn kung fu in China. The Temple Complex is located within the Shi Yanjun Sports & Culture Exchange Center on the Jinping Mountain, Mile City, Yunnan.

The School is founded on the principles of 'Exceptional Education and Support', and the 'Promotion of Traditional Authentic Chinese Kung Fu'. The school has centres in Greece, Italy, USA, India, Mexico, Ireland and Qatar and is the headquarters of the International Meihua Quan Federation. In China, the school is currently cooperating with Xingtai University and SIAS International University. Starting from September 2017, students attending this school can enroll in a BACHELOR KUNG FU PROGRAM at the center in Xingtai University under Shifu Shi Yanjun's supervision. In addition, students can further their education in Chinese Mandarin and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

The Academy’s Headmaster is Shifu Shi Yanjun, 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk and 17th Generation Disciple of Meihua Quan. He was raised in the Shaolin Temple since the age of 11. Shifu Yanjun has a rich teaching experience and will do his foremost to help his students achieve their Kung Fu dreams.

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Full travel advice and assistance is provided for those who book their training through StudyMartialArts.Org.

School Training

Students who attend this school benefit from five days a week training six hours per day. Kung fu styles such as Shaolin Kung Fu, Sanda (Chinese kickboxing) and Wing Chun as well as Tai Ji, Qi Gong, Meihua Quan, are taught at the school. Training programs for students are individually adjusted depending on the students background, conditions and focus. 


The school offers the chance for students to join, a kung fu moving training course, teach English, take university course in Kung fu, explore Chan Buddhist meditation, or develop your own school once you complete your studies. The dinning experience at the school is also unique, offering quality organic food, with no MSG, enhancers and flavours. The food is cooked and selected so as to adhere to Yin Yang principles of nutrition. 

Below in the Training Tab you can find some examples of training schedules. However, it should be noted that not every student will have the same aims, objectives or skill sets so times and progress as well as content may vary.

Daily Life at the School

The standard of food and accommodation at the school is very good in comparison to other kung fu schools and it has a growing reputation. We recommend you secure your place well in advance of your departure especially during peak seasons.

We also advise students to budget for their daily water, personal spending, internet access and the cost of Chinese Visa extensions. The cost of visa extensions will vary according to nationality and length of stay and the type of visa you first arrive on. It doesn’t matter what type of visa you obtained before coming to the Academy, the school can help you with all the required documents to get visa extensions. For most countries, the cost is only $35, but for U.S. passport holders it is $150. For students staying longer than 1 year an out of country trip will have to be made, normally to Hong Kong.

The School offers Free Wifi in its Twin and Double rooms.

The Hostel Accommodation charges 100 (CNY) per month for Wifi. In terms of personal spending, most students set budgets between $100-$300 usd per month depending on their length of stay. 

Getting to the School

To get to the school you should fly into Kunming Airport and from there travel to Mile City. The fastest and easiest way is to follow this route: Airport – Subway line towards Kunming South Train Station – Bullet Train to Mile City – Pick up from school. However, you might also prefer to travel by bus following the route: Airport – East Bus Station – Mile Bus Station – Pick up.

Please note that pickup is only available between 6am and 9:30pm (Mon-Fri) and 10pm (Sat-Sun)

• Pickup is included once you pay your application fee. 

• Drop off however, to Mile City bus or railway station is 70 (CNY) 

• Airport Drop off is 130 (CNY) for the taxi fair and booking charge. (Note: Taxi's maybe shared)

School profile

  • China, Yunnan
  • Spiritual Arts, Martial Arts, Culture
  • Baguazhang, Taichi Quan, Sanda, Shaolin Kung Fu, Wushu, Wing Chun, Qinna, Mei Hua (Bloom Blossom) Kung Fu, Traditional Training
  • TCM
  • Buddhism
  • Spartan
  • 3 out of 5
  • 12+ years
  • June, July, August, September
  • Kung Fu Family Adventure & 2 Week Kung Summer Camp information on request.
  • - Tuition - Accommodation - 3 Meals - Pick up - Wifi - Pick Up
  • - Uniform - Travel - Chinese Visa - Water - Bedding - Linen - Towels

Important Reminder

To benefit from our exclusive discounts you must book your training through StudyMartialArts.Org. Use the book now button or contact us directly via SKYPE if you can't wait and want an instant consultation. PLEASE NOTE: The school has a strict refund policy. If after your arrival you decide to leave early (no matter the reason), any days that you wish to cancel of your remaining stay will be considered as Early Return time and it is non-refundable.

Important Note

If you wish to teach English to help pay for your stay. Applicants must have a valid TEFL certificate and plan to stay 3-12 months.

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Training with Master Shi Yanjun
Submitted on 08/31/2017 by Jonathan Lopez | Yes, I would recommend this experience
10 / 10
Overall Rating

“Shifu truly is a role model and an excellent teacher, he is someone that really inspires me and makes me want to continue not only improving my Kung Fu but also as a person. His patience and understanding of the foreign students and their bad habits is truly magnificent. He is very nice and has a great sense of humor when we are in training. He does a good job at changing the exercises so it doesn’t repeat too much during the week and keeps the energy very high and interesting for all the students to enjoy and benefit from the training. Shifu is very kind and is often worrying about the students, whether they’re sick, inured, too hot or too cold. Shifu himself does his best to see that the students are well taken care of and that they have what they need. I’ve seen him giving out medicine to the sick, helping the students who are injured and buying and giving out electric blankets for students to help keep them warm in the winter. I know no other Shifus in China that would act like this and be as caring and compassionate as him.”
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Maitreya Temple Shaolin Kung Fu School is an international martial arts that is ideal for those who want to train in China but don't want to compromise on environment or air quality. The headmaster of the school Shi Yan Jun (Du Shifu) is the main martial arts master at the school. Du Shifu has a been teaching martial arts for more than a decade and has a lot of experience teaching international students. Master Du is renowned for being able to get his students to a high level quickly and efficiently. Another significant member of the school management team is Andreea. Andreea is responsible for taking care of the day to day management of the school and well-being of the students. She provides the students with a reliable contact point for any issues, questions or help they might require during their time at the school.

Throughout the year the school runs various different training packages. These include the more intensive short-term and long-term training options. Weightloss & Meditation Camps, Rest & Rejuvenation Camps. And Kung Fu holiday packages for families and adventure travellers. These various training options are arranged and handled in a way that is sensitive to the needs of the longer-term intensive training students and all training is tailored to the individuals needs, abilities, backgrounds and of course aims and objectives.

The Academy offers full board while you stay in China. Offering students 3 types of accommodation: Hostel, Twin and Double. The Hostel accommodation is shared and students sleep in same sex dorms. You can opt for single occupancy for an additional fee. Double accommodation offers Wi-Fi, en suite bathroom and AC. Rooms are simply decorated but comfortable. For students who stay at the academy for at least one month, they will receive a certificate with the official academy stamp. In the certificate you will be written your grade from the examination. The Academy is certified by the Chinese Government and offers 3 types of certificates: Certificate of Completion of the Training, Degree Certificate and Master Certificate. The Master Certificate is stamped by the Shaolin Temple.


Shifu Shi Yan Jun is an Authentic 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk of the Shaolin Temple as well as a 17th Generation Disciple of Mei Hua Quan. He is currently ranked in martial arts as a level 8 Master. Shifu Shi Yan Jun he has spent more than 15 years teaching students who want to fulfill their Kung Fu dream from both China and the rest of the world. Shifu Yan Jun is the Founder and President of the Songshan Shaolin Traditional Wushu Academy in China and he is the main instructor of the school.

In addition to the above masters during peak times famous masters from the Shaolin Temple or other Warrior Monks will often teach at the school or assist during classes. This offers students a unique opportunity and also ensures that class sizes are small so students get the attention that they need.  


School Training runs from Monday to Friday and begins at 05:30 and finishes at 20:30. Half an hour is set aside for breakfast and a three and a half hour break is allocated for lunch. An outline of the daily training schedule for the Summer is given below. Please be aware however, class times will change slightly with the seasons and individual teaching plans that are dependent on the style of kung fu you train.

Master Shi Yan Jun (Du Shifu) - Qigong, Shaolin Spear, Shaolin Staff, Shaolin Sword, Shaolin Fists, and Sanda: Training is personally tailored to suit the students length of stay and what they would like to learn. Moving Qigong's, Taichi, stretching, fitness as well as forms practice and Sanda are all things that Du Shifu will teach.

The following are optional classes that students can attend to supplement their kungfu training.

 Optional Classes:
• Buddhisim
• Mandarin Classes
• Calligraphy Classes
• Traditional Chinese Medicine - Tui'na & Accupunture

The Mandarin, Buddism, Calligraphy and TCM classes offer students a basic introduction to the subjects. They are not geared towards acheiving a qualification. With the Mandarin classes we advise all our students to bring or order a selection of basic Mandarin books to help provide the structure you will need to get the most out of your lessons. SMA will help you choose the right books and those who book through SMA will also get 400 usd worth of language learning and martial arts materials absoultely free as soon as they pay their application fee.

Short to Long-term Training Plans - The following training plans will give you some indication of what long term students are likely to learn.

1 week to 3 months: Shaolin Ji Ben Gong or Kung Fu Basics such as: kicks, basic jumps, improved flexibility, improved stamina and endurance. Long Term Students - kung fu training, shaolin kung fu, kung fu school, kung fu, martial arts instruction, China Tai Chi (24 Yang Style, Chen Style, Tai Chi Gun (stick), Tai Chi Jian (sword), Tai Chi Spear, Qi Gong (longevity & health care, body conditioning, break bricks with bare hands - Iron palm), Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong, Shaolin Forms (from one to 6) with their applications such as Wu Bu Quan, Shaolin Da Hong Qua & Shaolin Xiao Hong Quan, Tong Bei Quan, Palm Quan, Shaolin Luo Han Quan, Mei Hua Quan, Sanda (kicks, 2 person sparring), Weapons (straight sword or broadsword, whip, chain, Ba Gua (Eight Trigrams), Yin & Yang theories, Wu Xing (Five Elements theories), Basic Chinese Mandarin (basic conversation and writing), Calligraphy basics, Chinese Traditional Medicine basics (acupuncture, massage, the Gua Sha treatment, Tui Na), Chinese philosophy (Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism), Basic knowledge of Kung Fu theory and history.  

4 months to one year: In addition to the above you will be able to learn more punching and kicking techniques including their applications, improved flexibility, Tai Chi and Qi Gong (increase your Qi and be able to break wood on your leg and arm without injury, break bricks with knee or elbow), learn Shaolin forms (6 to 15) with their applications in direct fighting, paired practice, animal forms (tiger, eagle, snake), advance weapons forms (spear, double spear, two-section staff, three-section staff, double sticks, double chains, whip, straight sword or broadsword, Damo & Fengmo staff, Shaolin 13 spear), fighting techniques and their application on street fighting, Mei Hua Quan (Hufa Fist, practice on high poles, Five- stance pole skills, 12 sets of sparring, 24 sets of grappling, kickboxing practice one against many, weapons specific to Mei Hua Quan) , Zhou Yi (The Theory of Changes) Ba Gua Zhang, Qin Na, Wing Chun, Xing Yi, medium level of Chinese Mandarin (conversation and writing), Calligraphy, Chinese Culture and philosophy.  

More than one year: In addition of the above you will increase your Qi level (break an iron bar over your head, hammering a nail into a wood with your hand, heal your injuries and illnesses, Fire gong, advanced iron and sand palms), learn more than 20 Shaolin forms with applications (Big Luo Han Quan, Pao Quan, Shaolin cross attack Quan, Free chosen art Quan, Shaolin Tai Zhu long routine Quan, Gong Li Quan, Shaolin Luo Han 18 hands, Taizu long fist and so on), animal forms (tiger, monkey. snake, crane, mantis, eagle, leopard and drunken style), weapons (double broadsword, double hooks, bull whip, double chain whip, southern staff including sword, Shaolin 3 section cudgel, Damo sword routine, Damo straight sword, Shaolin Spring & Autumn saber routine, 9 section intermediate iron-whip routine. pair practice, Drunken staff, Drunken straight sword, double broad sword, 7 star broadsword, Shaolin palm blossom sword, Shaolin 21 spear, Shaolin flying daggers, Shaolin rope dart, double whips and so on), hitting vital points, advanced breathing techniques, higher skilled routines of Quan (forms) and weapons, the essence of Shaolin Martial Arts (you will subdue your enemy with one hand), Mei Hua Quan ( 26 sets for sparring, 72 sets for grappling, usual weapons (such as Mei Hua halberd, Mei Hua big axe, Tigers head double hook, Mei Hua double straight sword, Mei Hua double hammer), unusual weapons (such as: double hook, hand-held halberd, body armor, big and small Luozi spear, big nunchuku, oil bottle spear, 3-section staff, small crutch), sparring with bare hands, you will achieve the Three Internal Coordination (neisanhe). These are coordination between mind and intention (Xin & Yi), intention and internal energy (Yi & Qi), internal energy and strength (qi and li). It is the higher stage of Mei Hua Quan in practical fight and will make your fist and footwork move too fast to be clearly seen in the fight. Constant advanced training will bring out all-around development of the Waidan and the Neidan and the practitioners of martial arts have reached the profound stage where internal energy and mind are unified. You will fight one to more than eight sparring with bare hands. One against group sparring with weapons such as falchion against three spears, Paipa staff against a group of staffs, Five-tiger ben against a group of long spears. This is the advanced level of Mei Hua Quan and will make you reach the most profound stage of theory and skills of Mei Hua Quan.  

Certification of completion: All students who complete their training at the school will be awarded an official school certificate for the time they have trained. You can even achieve a ranking in your Kung Fu if you train hard enough. The ranking system used by the Shaolin Temple has 9 levels and by training intensively and diligently for at least 3 years you can achieve a 4th level. This is the Duanwei System.  

Kung Fu Holiday Packages - In addition to the above the school also offers two different kung fu holiday packages. Click the link for further details of these great packages. Running from April to October. These All inclusive packages are specially tailored with a higher standard of accommodation, sightseeing and services.

Special Shaolin Health & Longevity Camps - The School Runs also from July to September a special weight loss camp and a relaxation and rejuvenation camp. For further details click the links below.

1. Weight loss & Meditation the Shaolin Way
2. Relaxation & Rejuvenation with Qigong and Meditation

Maitreya Temple Shaolin Kung Fu School

Application/Booking fee - $100

If you want to Learn Kung Fu in China at this school there is an application and booking fee of $100 USD (This fee secures your place and also covers your pick up). This should be paid prior to your arrival at the school. With StudyMartialArts.Org you can pay your application/booking fee via Paypal or international bank transfer. The remainder of your fees must be paid direct to the school within 7 days of your arrival. If you wish to pay your full fee in advance of your arrival international bank transfer must be the method of payment used and we will provide you the bank details on request.  

We advise students to budget for their daily water, personal spending, internet access depending on the accommodation option and the cost of Chinese Visa extensions. The cost of visa extensions will vary according to nationality and length of stay. Monthly internet costs for students who stay in the hostel accommodation is 100 (CNY) per month.
For students who stay consecutive months a discount of $40 USD per month discount is applied. 
School PricingUSD

1 Month Hostel$ 1,090
$ 40
1 Month Twin Room$ 1,390
$ 40
1 Month Double Room$ 1,540$ 40

1 Year Hostel$ 6,080$ 450
1 Year Twin Room$ 9,080$ 450


1 Month Hostel$ 1,360$ 40
6 Months Hostel$ 7,560$ 40
1 Year Hostel$ 9,988
$ 40

3 Months
$160 USD
  Per Day
On request
1st year2nd year3rd year4th year5th year


- Hostel Accommodation 100 (CNY) per month for WIFI

- School Uniform for 1+Month Students - 335 (CNY)

- Extra Chinese Lessons - 130 (CNY) per lesson

- Personal Spending 

- Visa Extensions

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